Friday, August 20, 2010


Patience is necessary if you want to achieve anything. Patience is a virtue that we don't see too much anymore as a society. We all want everything right now. We live in the fast food, fast lane, in and out, on the go, convenience of this world. Nobody has time anymore. What has happened? Either we have gotten ourselves so busy in life to where we can't take some time out to do these things or we have become lazy and stopped earning, doing, or making something. We need to slow down and look at the big picture.

What are we missing out on? What would we gain if we practiced more patience in our lives? Well for starters if we slowed down a bit and took some time out to do the things we enjoy then we would first of all notice a difference in our stress level. When we relax and take our time on something without being rushed, then we are more likely to do a better job, and possibly even enjoy the task we are doing. So our stress level goes down when we practice patience. We would also see the benefits of what we are working on. One example may be taking the time to make a home cooked meal. A real meal. So many people now are regularly eating out. Several times a week many are going to a restaurant of some sort and having their meals. Although it is fun to go out and the food always tastes great, the food is not usually a healthy choice. Honestly, how many of us can actually say that we choose the healthy foods when we go out? Maybe... a little bit here and there or you may have a vegetable on the side of your main course. And then we get into the issue being that, even the foods we think are the healthy choice are not always because of the way they were processed or cooked. But anyway, if we were patient and planned out our meal at home and cooked it our self then we would benefit from the health factors. And not only that, we will feel good about our choice and the fact that we took the time to make that meal. We should feel proud of our self for every accomplishment. Another great example would be making a gift or a card instead of buying one. Yes, it is going to take time and effort to do that, but just imagine how much more special that gift will be. Imagine how much more it would mean to a person to know that you spent your time and energy on making them something nice. Get creative and have some fun. There are so many other unlimited possibilities we can practice with. Some other examples could include waiting in line at the grocery store, heck even letting someone with less items go ahead of you, being tolerant and polite to that person who is obviously new to the job, trying to empathise with others when they make mistakes, or even driving in bad traffic situation are all more ways we can work on being more patient.

Patience. We all could practice a little more patience in our lives. There are so many examples we can practice with every day. We all want others to be patient with us, so we need to in turn practice the deed ourselves. What goes around comes around. Wouldn't things be so much better and more pleasant if everyone was patient and kind?

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  1. Hee hee. You sound like me now! :D

    Yes, I agree with what you are saying of course. I feel much happier when I'm not stressed out and too busy.

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