Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pacific Ocean, California, United States

The Secrets to Life

What are the secrets to life? What is the secret to happiness? How can we all live with more satisfaction and contentment in our lives? How can we find true joy? These are all questions that most people would love to know the answers to. Well, thankfully the Universe has provided us with a couple of laws that can govern our lives to joy and happiness if we choose to allow it.

The first law is the Law of Attraction, which simply states: That which is like unto itself is drawn. When we can master the Law of Attraction then we will know how to bring forth wonderful desires into our lives. Anything is possible when you know the correct formula! The Law of Attraction runs our lives, if we realize it our not. Whatever we are feeling and thinking about is causing more like thoughts and circumstances in our life. The more good we feel then the more good we see, and vise-versa. The Law of Attraction is what brings forth our future based on our dominant thoughts and feelings. So once we learn to shift our emotions and thought patterns then we will see a tremendous change in our lives.

The other, less popular law is the Law of Allowing, which is says: I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are. This law may be very challenging for some, but once you can accomplish this state of mind then you will have achieved true happiness and joy. This is where we can control out attitude. Our happiness should not depend on other people. True allowing is maintaining your own balance and composure, no matter what others are doing. You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow others to choose it to exist in their way also. We weren't put here to try to change people into following our beliefs. We can experience our own joy through our lives when we learn to practice the Law of Allowing. When we don't allow something to change our feelings and we stay in a good, happy mood then the Law of Attraction will continue to bring more happiness and pleasant things into our lives.

So there you have it! The Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing are the two Universal laws that dictate our lives. Once we comprehend their importance and learn how to incorporate them into our lives, we will see the changes that we wish to see. We will experience true bliss, real joy and happiness. We mold our own lives. The clay is in your hands. What will you choose to do with it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Royal Gorge, Colorado, United States

Point of Attraction

What is your point of attraction? Many people think that they would never attract anything bad into their lives. There is no way someone would purposely attract unwanted circumstances into their life, right? Wrong! Whatever we are thinking about we are attracting into our lives. Whether we are thinking about things we like or do not like, we are inviting it into our reality.

Everything you think about you want. Everything you talk about you want. Harsh reality? It's the truth! That is why it is so important for us to choose our thoughts wisely, and to recognize when we are feeling bad. When we realize when we are having negative thoughts or emotions then we know when we need to change our thinking patterns. When we are thinking about something that does not make us feel good, unfortunately we are only asking for more of that in our lives. When we focus on anything negative, the Law of Attraction is responding to it. The Law of Attraction is not biased; it simply reacts to our dominant thoughts. The more we think about something, the more similar things will become present in our reality.

So what are you talking about with other people? Are you talking about your back pain? Are you talking about the burglaries on the news? How about all the natural disasters? Or are you talking about uplifting and inspiring topics? What are you choosing to think about? Do you always look for the best in the situation or are you quick to pick out the flaws? The secret to true joy is being grateful. When we focus on all the wonderful things in our lives then we have reasons to be full of joy, contentment, happiness, and satisfaction.

We choose our realities. Do you choose to see the good and be thankful? Or do you choose to see the faults in something, passing on judgement and complaints? Let the Law of Attraction work wonders in your life by using it to your advantage. You will find that amazing things will happen in your experiences. Choose your thoughts wisely and you will see the transformation in your life. Change your point of attraction!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Palmer Lake, Colorado, United States

Good or Bad?

Every possible topic in our lives is decided upon us as individuals as either good or bad. We all make up our minds as to what specifically we consider to be "good" and "bad." But how did we make up our minds? Most likely we have been taught in life by others that certain actions are considered bad and some are good and so forth. Who should be making those decisions?

So many times in life we are taught to act in a certain manner. Nothing outside of the norm is proper or acceptable. There are expectations to live up to. Judgement is passed if one does not conform to the ideal standards. But who decided all this and how should one act? We as individual need to question ourselves first. We must ask ourselves, "What do I believe in, and why? Were we taught to believe certain ideas from our parents growing up? How about school, politics or church? What is real? What do we choose to believe?" At some point in our lives we must ask ourselves what it is we really believe. What do I believe to be true? How do I want to express myself and live my own life?

Jerry and Ester Hicks had some interesting points of view. "A belief is only a practiced vibration. You have the absolute choices about the 'truths' that you create in your own experience. Good and Evil are only ways of defining wanted and unwanted. And wanted and unwanted apply to the individual doing the wanting." So in summation, all of us decide for ourselves what we believe to be right or wrong. We need to decide these things for our own sake, regardless the influence of society. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but we should really attempt to be our true self. There is nothing wrong with the person we choose to be.

Don't be afraid to question anything you or others choose to believe. Let's decide to be true to ourselves and make our own decisions despite outside pressure. What do you choose to believe? What are your truths?