Thursday, January 27, 2011

Port Huron, Michigan, United States

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Royal Gorge, Colorado, United States

Prisoner of the Mind

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

We can live whatever life we want to. Or should I say, we can live whatever life we choose to. Everyday we make choices. Everyday we decide what we will choose to think about, what we will spend our time doing. We can choose to be grateful and enjoy life for everything in it, or we can choose to find fault in everything.

We make up our minds on what we want to focus on, and we live by that idea. As Roosevelt said, we can become 'prisoners of our own minds' if we choose to believe negative ideas. We can focus only on the bad and complain about the problem, or we can look for the good in the situation and move on with our lives. Do not waste time thinking about all the wrong, but enjoy the many pleasant things life has to offer. Look for the good, and choose to be positive. Choose to be thankful for everything. Choose to be a positive inspiration to yourself and others.

What we think about IS our reality. What do you think about regularly? Are you thinking about what you want? Are you imagining it? Don't become a prisoner, become what you've always wanted, what you've always dreamed. What is your dream? Don't let go. It can be your reality. Make it your reality! This life is what you make it.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Colorado, United States

Take a Bath!

When is the last time you took a nice hot relaxing bath? I kow it has been at least a month or two for me. Taking a warm or hot bath is one of the best natural ways to calm and relax your body. The hot water sooths and calms the muscles in the body, which in turn allows the mind to settle down.

Taking a bath is an at home theropy that we can all practice without spending too much money. We can have our own spa treatment all in the comfort of our own house, right in the bathroom. I always recommend cleaning the tub before taking a bath. Bath tubs and showers can quickly build up soap scum and grime so it is always good to know that the tub is clean  when you are using it. I also highly recommend if you have any bubble bath or bath oils to indulge in it! This is the time to go all out on yourself. Take the time to pamper yourself every now and again and you will see the results not only in your stress levels, but even your body. You body will loosen up and just be more relaxed overall. And lastly I suggest some candles for two reasons. One, the low lighting effect will help your body and mind settle itself. And two, the smell. When we smell pleasant aromas it triggers good thoughts and memories, which of course is another way of allowing us to unwind. Ever heard of aroma theropy? Well that is another article in itself, but I am sure you can get the gist of it. Now some people like to play music too. Personally, I like the silence so I can just sit in the moment, feel the warmth, and just quietly think to myself. But if music really helps you unwind, a quiet, calm instrumental piece would probably be most appropriate. Just don't let it distract you from the purpose of the activity. And when you take this bath, make sure you have the time and that you will be left alone in peace. You do not want to be interrupted or rushed during your bath. Just take your time and truely relax. Be thankful for the opportunity and think of all of the wonderful things that have been taking place in your life. This is a great time for positive thinking and imagination. Whatever comes to mind, just make sure to keep it light and positive.

There is nothing that compares to a nice warm bubble bath. No matter who you are, man or woman, take the time every now and then to enjoy the simple pleasure of relaxation. A bath is a great way to let loose and relax your muscles. Calm your mind, and calm your body. Little things like this will help your everyday actions. Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay healthy!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Colorado, United States

Big Deal

Ask yourself - "Is it really a big deal?" To be frank so many times, in so many instances we tend to overreact about our problem or situation. We are so used to reacting to situations based on what we have been taught. We have been taught by society that we are supposed to react a certain way when something happens.

Many times we react before we can even stop and really think about the issue and ask ourselves "Is this really a big deal?" "Is this something worth getting upset over?" "Is this really what I want to spend my energy on, let alone time?" If it really is an important issue, by all means feel the emotion and make it worth your while. But if its really not that big of a deal, then just let it go. This is something I have really been trying to practice lately. And it has been making a difference in my life. I am really starting to notice when I dwell on a subject that isn't positive how much stress it causes me. Then I notice how I feel when I am in those situations, and it isn't good. And I can see the effects in my complexion as well. I can see direct results not only in my life, but my body as well depending on how I am feeling.

So lately I have really been thinking in my mind when something is bothering me. I think to myself "Is this really what I want to be thinking about? Is this really a big deal?" And you know sometimes I will think about the issue for just a few minutes and I will say, "This isn't really that big of a deal. Get over it!" And I move on and forget about it. Other times I will think about an issue for hours and still be infuriated or upset about the issue, and at that moment it is a big deal. And then after a few hours I feel differently about the issue and move on from there. And then there are times when something will bother you for a really long time. And those are the times when you feel bad, you are stressed out, even depressed. Those are the moments when nothing can change what you are feeling. Only when you are ready will things change for you. Everything depends on your attitude and how you choose to deal with your situation. What are you choosing to think about? Are you focusing on the bad? Or are you looking at the good in every person or situation? The answers to these questions are what will affect your reality. What are you choosing to focus on? Ask yourself "Is this really a big deal?"

You will start to notice how many choice you have, and in time you will find yourself letting a lot of things go. Its just not worth it to dwell on something and let it bother you. You will feel so much better if you learn to let things go, or deal with them in a more positive manner. I tell myself in my head "So what? Big Deal. Get over it!" And when you can move on, you feel that much better. There are so many other topics or positive ideas that you can be thinking about instead. You choose what you think about. Make the choices and change your thoughts.