Tuesday, September 28, 2010

San Leandro, California, United States

Live in the Now

Days come and go. But how many more will we have? What are you doing today? What will you choose to do with the day?

Each day is special. Every day we have new opportunities in front of us. What do we choose to do with our pastime? What should we be doing? Is there anything that you wanted to accomplish?

We need to look at each day as a stepping stone to the next. What can I do today that will help me reach my goals for tomorrow? It is so easy to put things off, or even hope or plan for future events. But why put them so far off? Why not start now? Why not make today count and start toward your objectives now? We all should have hopes and dreams that we want to someday accomplish. But why someday? Why not start now? What can I do today to help me reach my goal? What steps can I take now that will get me closer to where I need to be? Take the time to think about what you really want in life. Think about all the wonderful things that you can have or be, or do. Start living your dreams. It all starts with just a simple thought. If we can dream it, and imagine it then we can create it. There is nothing we can't bring about. Miracles happen every day. Why can't you experience these miracles? It takes thought, and it takes a believing mind and heart. Anything can happen, if we only truly believe it. Focus, and start now. Be the miracle. Don't put it off. When we put things off for another day, another time then we forget. We get caught up in our daily lives and we just never get around to it. So start now.

What are your dreams? What do you want in life? Think about it. Maybe even make a list. But start now, there is no better time. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Make them a reality. Live in the now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Colorado, United States


Breathing - it is something we do all the time, everyday, every minute, every second. So what is so special about it? Well for starters it keeps us alive and keeps our blood flowing through our bodies. Breathing can also be a wonderful stress reliever. Have you ever stopped and taken the time to listen to your breathing? Have you ever noticed the patterns? Have you ever taken the time to think about what actually goes on inside your body and how we can actually help it?

Well there are at least two ways we can help our breathing. One way is by realizing what we are actually breathing in. Toxins from our lifestyle can really affect us. There are toxins in some of the things that we choose to breath such as cigarettes, cleaning products, or other chemicals. We can try to avoid, reduce, or even demolish some of these things from our lifestyle by choosing healthier alternatives. Also, the city that we live in can also affect us negatively. Smog is a big issue in some parts of the country. Substances in the air we breath can hurt us. That is no surprise. So why do people choose to live in these areas? Is it really worth it? Are you willing to sacrifice your health to live in a populated city? We make these choices everyday.

The second way that we can actually help our body is by our breathing techniques. It is amazing to think about, that we can actually improve our lifestyle by the way we breath. Yes it is true. Most people when they breath take short, quick breaths that only protrude into their upper lungs. We are actually supposed to be breathing more deeply and slowly. When we breath we should strive to breath all the way in and all the way out, using all of our lungs. You can feel the difference when doing it correctly. When we do this, the oxygen is then able to flow better and further throughout our bodies. Slow breathing is actually a way of stress relief. So if you are feeling stressed out, take a few minutes and really concentrate on your breathing and see how you compare. Maybe after listening to how you breath you can start practicing breathing more properly. Soon it might become a habit to you and you won't even realize it. And just think of how much better the air will flow through your body when you utilize your organs the way they were meant to be used.

Other breathing techniques are used in other situations as stress relief as well. One example would be expectant mothers in labor. We are taught to breath in patterns and to "take deep breaths." Hospitals even specialize in unique classes which focus specifically on teaching breathing in preparation for child birth. Another fine example is meditation. When meditating many instructors refer to the breathing. We take the time to settle our bodies and we focus on the breathing. In and out, slowly. We are to feel the motions and center our attention exclusively on our breathing. Now why would they have us do that? Because our breathing patterns affect us!

It is no coincidence that our breathing patterns influence us. We can learn to reduce our stress just by taking the time to breath correctly! How easy is that? If we only take the time to pay attention. How are you breathing? Is there anything you can change? Breath right. Live right.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Greeley, Colorado, United States


The power of touch is amazing. We never really think about it, but when we are touched we feel loved. There are sensors in the brain that are stimulated whenever someone or something touches us, and it is good for us. Hugging, kissing, holding hands, getting a pat on the back.... are all ways of touch that can surprisingly release stress.

There have been many studies on the subject of touch. Like mentioned before, when we are touched our nervous system is stimulated and responds to our brain. Humans, and even animals show positive reactions when being touched in a loving way. One study showed the improvement of premature babies that were touched regularly compared to those who were only tended to their basic needs. And the results showed that the babies that were touched grew faster and improved their conditions better than those who were not. Babies in general, will calm when being touched. When my son is crying and I come to nurture him, the first thing I do is gently touch his face with my hand. Right away his breathing will change and his crying and screaming dull. Why do babies love to be held and close to their mother's body? Touch is comforting. Nothing compares to a loving embrace. Doesn't that make sense? Don't we all want to feel loved and pampered?

Another interesting study that I found pretty neat myself was actually conducted by the author John Gray, who is famous for his book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. In his teachings of loving and healthy relationships he tells couples that they should strive to touch each other ten times a day. Just touch, it doesn't have to be sexual. But just holding their hand, a quick back rub, resting your hand on their leg, run your fingers through their hair, anything. Just touch each other ten times a day and see what kind of difference it makes in the relationship. Just touching someone shows them that you acknowledge that they are there and that you care enough to show them. He swears by touch, and that it will improve a relationship when done regularly. Touch is also one of the best ways to flirt, so doesn't that make sense that we should remember to touch our partner regularly to keep the flame alive?

I have a great example of my own too that I would like to share. Several years back my grandmother died from cancer. I remember going to the hospital to visit her while on her death bed. All of my family and relatives came to see her. No one was for sure how much longer she had, or even if she would make it through the night. She was non-responsive, and had been for days. She just lay there still as could be, resting. I don't think that my family believed that she was conscience. For the most part all the relatives talked amongst themselves and were speaking as if she was already dead. In fact it bothered me. I believed as long as she was still alive, she was capable of understanding what was going on and could hear us. I think the family was mostly scared. I think people get scared when someone is so close to dying. Yes it is sad, and it can be hard to deal with, but I think she or anyone else needs to be loved up until the very end, regardless. Well when I was there visiting her, before it was time to leave, I sat next to her bedside and I talked to her as if I knew she could hear me. And I held her hand, and I rubbed her arm gently. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and I stroked her hair a bit. And from the actions I took she actually opened her eyes, just for a few seconds and her breathing patterns changed to becoming more regular. My relatives were amazed and could not believe that she actually moved and responded to me. It is the power of touch. Our bodies naturally and positively respond. And when would be a better time than when you are dying and in pain? That is when we need it the most, when we are scared or dying! Show love by touching.

Take the time to touch someone you love. Don't be afraid to show emotion by touching someone. We all naturally enjoy being touched. See what kind of difference it makes in your life.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Clare, Michigan, United States


Opportunities are all around us. Every day we are faced with many choices and opportunities that can make or break us. We make choices all the time that affect where we are now.

Sometimes opportunities come when we don't expect them, or in a way that we didn't anticipate. We have to trust that things will come to us at the right time and that we will make the right decisions. We must trust our gut feelings and do what we feel is right. Opportunities come to us all the time, but sometimes we are afraid to take the next step and act upon them. Sometimes things happen to us that we weren't expecting or we might not have been ready for, but there are so many great chances that we have to be open to. The universe gives us these opportunities to take us places. So next time an opportunity comes our way and we feel the impulse then we should take the chance and act upon it. You never know what or where it could lead you.

The world has its way of working things out in amazing ways. Trust your gut and go with your feelings. Keep your mind open and don't be afraid to take chances.