Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet Someone

Take the time to meet new people. Don't be afraid to talk to other people. Why are we so afraid to talk to strangers? I mean really, most people are good people just like you and me. We need to take some time every now and then and step out of our comfort zone and just talk to new people.

Socializing with others is good for us. It actually is a stress reliever. We are meant to be a corresponding society. Why do we close ourselves up to most and only open up to only so few? Why are we so afraid to talk to people anymore? Everyone is always on their cell phones texting to each other anymore. No one actually calls you anymore. It's like "Hey, text me." Seems like nobody likes to talk on the phone anymore. Why is that? Why don't we want to hear the other persons voice, response, or expression? Its almost like we are afraid to talk to each other anymore. Just Yesterday I was on my morning walk with my son and there was a guy walking the opposite way as me. As we approached the point where we had to pass each other I smiled toward him. He just walked by with his head down. Didn't even look up, was looking at the ground. He didn't notice me smile, he was too afraid to even look me in the face and make contact. I find that somewhat weird, or maybe sad. But I've noticed it a lot with people. They space themselves out and don't leave themselves open to others. Look at when you go to the DMV, or the doctor's office, or anywhere there is a waiting area. How do people sit? They spread themselves out and give themselves and others as much space as there can be. People will sit every other chair until they fill in. Nobody wants to sit next to someone and be too close to them, or possibly talk to them. Or they will even put their purse or briefcase on a chair next to them as to have others sit elsewhere or make sure they have enough space of their own. It's just interesting. Interesting how we act around each other.

We all have to live here together and the world is only going to get more populated, so shouldn't we make an effort to enjoy each other? Don't be afraid to talk to someone new. Step out of your comfort zone and make a conscience effort to speak to new people. Interact with the world more. It's good for you!

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  1. Good post Carla! I feel this all them time too. And I am like you, I smile at everyone!

    And texting, yes, I really don't like it. I have mine blocked so people have to call me! But what's funny is that they don't. So that is sad. A lot of people are just too busy.