Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Opportunities are all around us. Every day we are faced with many choices and opportunities that can make or break us. We make choices all the time that affect where we are now.

Sometimes opportunities come when we don't expect them, or in a way that we didn't anticipate. We have to trust that things will come to us at the right time and that we will make the right decisions. We must trust our gut feelings and do what we feel is right. Opportunities come to us all the time, but sometimes we are afraid to take the next step and act upon them. Sometimes things happen to us that we weren't expecting or we might not have been ready for, but there are so many great chances that we have to be open to. The universe gives us these opportunities to take us places. So next time an opportunity comes our way and we feel the impulse then we should take the chance and act upon it. You never know what or where it could lead you.

The world has its way of working things out in amazing ways. Trust your gut and go with your feelings. Keep your mind open and don't be afraid to take chances.

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  1. Indeed! Opportunities seem to always come when you least expect them or all at once! :P That happens to me all the time.