Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Decorate Your Space

Guardian Angels:

Love & Romance:



Choose your environments carefully. The places you go. Environments can be a place of stress. Large busy buildings, back to back traffic, dangerous areas of town, someone's dirty messy house, loud noises. All these things just add stress to the body. Make sure your house, or where ever you are staying is beautiful and relaxing. A place that you want to be, or enjoy coming home to. 
 The way you arrange your house furnishings and your decorations makes a difference.  It should flow easily. Does it feel relaxing and comfortable to you?

 They say clutter is a subconscious stress. Things all around us make us feel confined and not at ease. Even the colors in your space set a mood as well as the pictures on the walls. Make sure everything around you makes you feel good and happy, relaxed and at peace.

I love candles and incense. It sets a calming mood. It sets an atmosphere. I light my candles on a regular basis. In the evenings. Its calm, warm, and relaxing. I also love having plants throughout my house too. They are a beautiful green display of life. Bring life inside your home. Bring nature in your home however you can. Nature has it's own balance. Plants, water, rocks. It brings you back to nature when you look at it. It is good for the soul. 

May your house display your love and your personality. I am really into metaphysical subjects. I love astrology, palm reading, tarot, hand writing analysis, runes, the elements, you name it... I also believe in guardian angels. so I have different themes going on. I also have a romance and love theme. They say its almost like making little shrines or alters for the things that you love and appreciate. So I have angels, love and romance, metaphysical, and nature. These are all objects that I love and appreciate, so when I go into my bedroom I see those things. I am reminded everyday when I see these decorations, and I am grateful when I look upon what I love. Specifically choosing what I appreciate. It is a great way to remind yourself about the joys of life and what makes it so special. Its hard to be in a bad mood when you are surrounded by the things you love. Choose thy love, love thy choice.

Make sure your house is a very special, comfortable, and loving environment for you.What are some of the things that you love and appreciate?

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