Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Point of Attraction

What is your point of attraction? Many people think that they would never attract anything bad into their lives. There is no way someone would purposely attract unwanted circumstances into their life, right? Wrong! Whatever we are thinking about we are attracting into our lives. Whether we are thinking about things we like or do not like, we are inviting it into our reality.

Everything you think about you want. Everything you talk about you want. Harsh reality? It's the truth! That is why it is so important for us to choose our thoughts wisely, and to recognize when we are feeling bad. When we realize when we are having negative thoughts or emotions then we know when we need to change our thinking patterns. When we are thinking about something that does not make us feel good, unfortunately we are only asking for more of that in our lives. When we focus on anything negative, the Law of Attraction is responding to it. The Law of Attraction is not biased; it simply reacts to our dominant thoughts. The more we think about something, the more similar things will become present in our reality.

So what are you talking about with other people? Are you talking about your back pain? Are you talking about the burglaries on the news? How about all the natural disasters? Or are you talking about uplifting and inspiring topics? What are you choosing to think about? Do you always look for the best in the situation or are you quick to pick out the flaws? The secret to true joy is being grateful. When we focus on all the wonderful things in our lives then we have reasons to be full of joy, contentment, happiness, and satisfaction.

We choose our realities. Do you choose to see the good and be thankful? Or do you choose to see the faults in something, passing on judgement and complaints? Let the Law of Attraction work wonders in your life by using it to your advantage. You will find that amazing things will happen in your experiences. Choose your thoughts wisely and you will see the transformation in your life. Change your point of attraction!


  1. Well said. It's definitely true that you reap what you sew. Nobody wants to be around someone when they're angry or complaining.