Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prisoner of the Mind

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

We can live whatever life we want to. Or should I say, we can live whatever life we choose to. Everyday we make choices. Everyday we decide what we will choose to think about, what we will spend our time doing. We can choose to be grateful and enjoy life for everything in it, or we can choose to find fault in everything.

We make up our minds on what we want to focus on, and we live by that idea. As Roosevelt said, we can become 'prisoners of our own minds' if we choose to believe negative ideas. We can focus only on the bad and complain about the problem, or we can look for the good in the situation and move on with our lives. Do not waste time thinking about all the wrong, but enjoy the many pleasant things life has to offer. Look for the good, and choose to be positive. Choose to be thankful for everything. Choose to be a positive inspiration to yourself and others.

What we think about IS our reality. What do you think about regularly? Are you thinking about what you want? Are you imagining it? Don't become a prisoner, become what you've always wanted, what you've always dreamed. What is your dream? Don't let go. It can be your reality. Make it your reality! This life is what you make it.

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  1. You would be proud of me Carla! Lately I have been. :) That is a wonderful quote by the way.

    Love you.