Monday, November 22, 2010


I've recently been talking a lot about appreciation and being grateful for the things that we have. I have mentioned a few good techniques that were recommended by different authors and books. But what I have really come to realize now, after applying some of those ideas is just how much I really did take things for granted. Sure, I always thought of myself as a very appreciative and thankful person... that is until I really started reading and getting into some of these books about positive thinking. I am realizing now that there are so many different ways to show gratitude.

"The Secret", Louise L. Hays, Deepak Chopra, and Abraham all speak about being thankful for every little thing that comes into our life. It has also been mentioned that if we are not thankful for all of the little things, or the things that we have now then we will not appreciate all of the good things that are to come. New, great things cannot come to us until we are thankful for what we have. So I have really been thinking about that concept... because of course like many, there are things that I desire in my life that I have not come in contact with yet. So, I have been thinking about all the little things that I am thankful for and keeping a Gratitude Journal like I mentioned before. In doing so I have really noticed all of the things that I have that I am taking for granted. I have several examples in fact. The first one was my car. I have a very nice car compared to many. I have a 2001 red Chevy Camaro, with 20" rims. A nice ride. It wasn't the car I was originally trying to get, but it is still very nice. Anyhow, I don't remember which author said it, but they said that you can tell how people feel about their cars by the condition they keep it in. Some people keep their cars very clean inside and out, while others just don't seem to care. Well, I am very neat when it comes to keeping the inside of my car clean... I don't like trash, soda cans, papers, or any odd debris. But I did start to notice that I wasn't keeping it the way I should if I really did appreciate it like I thought. I noticed the outside was dirty, the rims could use a cleaning, and the inside was needing a good dusting. So I got to work on it, cleaned it all up... and boy it looks so much nicer. Other examples of things that I have been taking for granted would be my clothing and accessories. I have a closet full of clothes and shoes that I never wear. I just got into that "comfy" mode and only wore nice things on occasion. Well that is silly! I realized one of the things I have been wanting is to go shopping and buy new clothes and accessories. Well, if I don't appreciate what I already have, why should I go shopping? Well so now I am striving to wear a different outfit everyday. I wore a dress the other day, and I felt so good in it and looked so pretty. My boyfriend loved it! And it was about damn time I wore it, because I have never wore the thing since I bought it! In over a year! How ungrateful is that? Not only was I taking for granted my clothes, but all my different shoes too. I have so many, and in different colors, but I got into the habit of just always grabbing those black comfortable tennis shoes. And I have a whole jewelry box full of jewelry, most of which I haven't wore in years! WHY? I was organizing my jewelry box and I love all of it, and just never wear it. Rings, necklaces, bracelets... talk about unappreciative! And when I was styling my hair I noticed how many decorative hair ties, headbands, and barrettes that I own, some of which I have never even wore. How sad is that? But it just goes to show how easily we can take things for granted, and not even realize it. I was taking all of those things for granted, and now that I am using them I see that. Another example: finger nail polish. I used to have my nails done, and since I haven't been working that was something I have cut back on to save money. But I wish that I could have them done. Well, so I started painting them on my own, something I haven't done in years. But I am really trying to embrace what I have and be truly thankful. On the same lines, I have a foot spa, and foot scrubs that I've been wanting to use, but just haven't gotten around to. Well it is time that I do. It is time that I make time for the things that I want to do - and more importantly use and appreciate all the things that I own!

It is so easy to say that we are thankful for all that we have, but are we really? I thought I was. What can you do in your life to show that you are grateful? Are there things in your life that have gotten neglected? We must appreciate all that we have before we can appreciate anything new.

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  1. Yes, Yes, YES! Well done Carla. What you said about your clothing is so true. I love to do that, I call it "Shopping your Closet." One can be trendy without spending a penny and mix and match the clothing/accessories in a current way. Being happy with what one has is so important. I even found it really hard to write a Christmas list this year, because I just don't want too many new things because what I have makes me sooo happy. It gives me an inner peace that is irreplaceable.

    Minimalism, my dear, it makes the Earth happy too.

    Love ya.