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The Universe exists to serve me.

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Archangel Michael: You Are Safe

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Expect miracles. Count on them.

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11 – Justice

Upright: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

Reversed: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

Justice Tarot Card Meanings and Description:

Justice is ruled by Libra and the card number is 11. The figure of Justice sits in her chair, cloaked in red and holding a sword in her right hand and scales in her left. She wears a crown with a small square on it representing well-ordered thoughts. Notice the clasp holding the cloak together. The square is the law protecting the circle and the eternal state of oneness within us all. The sword is double-edged, cutting both ways, signifying impartiality. It is point-up, signifying victory. The sword in her right hand demonstrates the logical, well-ordered mindset necessary to dispense fair justice. The scales are in her left, intuitive hand, showing that logic must be balanced by the intuition. A little white shoe pops out from beneath her cloak, reminding us of the spiritual consequences of our actions. The purple cloth draped behind her signifies compassion and the grey pillars represent the constraints of the physical world.

Upright Justice Tarot Card Meanings:

Put simply, the Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. As an outcome, the Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly. Notice that Justice’s scales are balanced, thus its appearance indicates that events have worked out as they were meant to work out and that what is happening to you comes from the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken in the past. You have what you deserve.

Justice represents a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have long-term consequences and your present and future circumstances are most likely a result of these decisions and actions. At the same time, Justice shows that your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the present situation. You cannot become honest without extending that honesty to yourself and others.

Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Be fair and just with all and you will soon be able to detect dishonesty in yourself and others. Learn the rules that govern what you are involved with. This is a time to remain objective and to base your judgment on fact and not on hearsay.

There is a need to be fair and just when you see the Justice card in a reading. When everyone is ‘playing fair’ and following the rules, a positive outcome will be achieved.

The Justice card also indicates a time when decision making is required. Something in your life needs attention, mediation or a solution. As you contemplate your decision, are you the person to pass judgment, or is your role to accept the decision that is made? How can you remain as objective as possible, whilst searching for the truth of the matter? It is an important time for your conscience to make the ‘right’ decision. Balanced judgment exists.

Justice often refers to legal matters of all kinds. The courts are where judgments are made and decisions rendered. The legal system is the official arena in which the principles of Justice (fairness, and the quest for Truth) are explored. If you see the Justice card in a reading where there are legal matters at hand, expect the outcome to be just and fair. You are also likely to be dealing with legal contracts, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, business contract, financial arrangement or litigation. Where you are the person demanding justice, know that justice will be served. Of course, if you have acted in a deceptive way or have not spoken the truth, be aware that justice will still prevail and you will need to take responsibility for your actions.

Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meanings:

Reversed, Justice indicates dishonesty to yourself and others. It shows an unwillingness to understand the deeper meaning of why an event has occurred and shows that you are missing some opportunity for a greater understanding of yourself in life. You are not actively accepting responsibility for your actions and may be trying to blame others for your mistakes. The key here is to take responsibility for your own situation and realize that you are here through your own past choices, and therefore, whatever it takes to get out of the situation is fair and just according to Universal principles of karma and justice.

If, after a very hard look at yourself, you feel that you have done the best job possible, know that the Universe has a path laid out for you and while your situation may be frustrating right now, it is the right path for you. Over time you will begin to see that it does indeed have a reason for being this way.

Given that the Justice card can reflect a very judgmental, black-and-white view of the world, you may need to release all of your thoughts about what is right and wrong, and just accept what is. Stop judging yourself constantly about whether you are doing the right thing or whether it is working. You are where you are and you just need to accept your current situation. Just allow yourself to be in the moment and withhold any immediate judgment. The reversed Justice card also suggests that you may be better off by bending the rules a little and being a bit more flexible with your current circumstances. Of course, you also need to act in a way that is fair and just, otherwise karma will come back to you.

If you are engaged in a legal matter, you may be concerned about an unfair outcome. You may dispute the final judgment, calling into question the whole legal process. There may be legal complications or something that gets in the way of justice being served.

You may be biased or unfairly judging others, failing to seek out the truth or a balanced perspective. Your opinions are biased and have been swayed by others. Be mindful of how you judge or criticize others and ensure that you have a balanced view before you go swinging the sword of justice.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

"By The Time This Night Is Over" by Kenny G Ft. Peabo Bryson

Silence takes over
Sayin' all we need to say
There's endless possibilities
In the moves we can make
Your kiss is giving every indication
If this heart of mine is right

By the time this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes
It's gonna find us together
In a love that's just begun
By the time this night is over
Two hearts are gonna fly to the Heavens above
And we'll get closer and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

Let's take a slow and easy ride
Just lay back and let love take us over
There's magic here with you and I
And its gonna take us all the way
Let's find some kind of a deeper conversation
And darling if its right

By the time this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes
Its gonna find us together
In a love that's just begun
By the time this night is over
Two hearts are gonna fly to the Heavens above
And we'll get closer and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

A night like this may never come again
And you won't want this life to end
Oh baby we can have it all
By the time this night is over
Oh oh oh

By the time this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes
It's gonna find us together
In a love that's just begun
By the time this night is over
Two hearts are gonna fly to the Heavens above
And we'll get closer and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

Gonna wrap my lovin' arms around you
By the time this night is over
Heaven's gonna smile, gonna smile on two lovers
By the time this night is over
By the time this night is over
Heaven let me go, Heaven let you go baby
By the time this night is over

Thursday, February 16, 2017

By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional
currents you will release and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effects that you will have upon others, 
and the nature of the experiences of your life.

"Thoughts From the Seat of the Soul" 
by Gary Zukav

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CBD May Reverse Brain Deficits In Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

CBD could protect the brain from degeneration and reverse impairments in a number of disorders, according to new research out of Brazil.

TruthOnPot.com – Scientists have identified a role of cannabidiol (CBD) in countering chemical imbalances in the brain, which they say could be useful in treating a number of disorders.

The chemical in question is iron. Despite being an essential nutrient, high levels of iron can damage brain cells and lead to impairments such as memory loss in Alzheimer’s. Abnormal iron levels have also been linked to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Using CBD, researchers from Brazil were able to reverse markers of brain damage caused by high doses of iron in rats – restoring them to normal levels. The results were able to confirm observations from an earlier study, where a single dose of CBD was “able to recover memory in iron-treated rats.”

Writing in the July issue of Molecular Neurobiology, they concluded that CBD has significant potential in restoring brain function and protecting the brain from further damage.
“Our findings support the potential of cannabidiol in reversing cognitive decline and its clinical use in treating neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Iron has been shown to cause brain degeneration by promoting oxidative stress. On the other hand, CBD – a non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana – is known to have powerful antioxidant properties, making it “a promising candidate” for treating these disorders, wrote the authors.

The study was conducted at Pontifical Catholic University and funded by the National Institute for Translational Medicine (INCT-TM).


Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Rise Above

I refuse to indulge in damaging emotions, 
no matter how justified they may seem to be. 
I rise above. 
Destructive thoughts have no power over me.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

I believe in Me. 
I AM a capable person. 
I can do it. 
I can handle anything that comes my way. 
I believe in possibilities.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

"If you want to get rid of something, you must first allow it to flourish."

"Tao Te Ching"

 - Stephen Mitchell

Friday, February 03, 2017

"You can change your entire life when you change the way you think."

-Athena Starwoman

Wednesday, February 01, 2017