Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Golden Cracks

Monday, December 26, 2016

The master sees things as they are, 
without trying to control them.

"Tao Te Ching" 

 - Stephen Mitchell

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Speak the Language of Love

Monday, December 12, 2016

Accept people and events as they occur. 
Make a commitment to follow the path of no resistance.

- Deepak Chopra

Friday, November 25, 2016

I AM at peace. 
I have all the time I need. 
I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple for me.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

8 - Strength

Upright: Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion

Reversed: Weakness, self-doubt, lack of self-discipline

Strength Tarot Card Description:

Under a golden sky, a woman gently pats a lion on its forehead and lower jaw. The woman gazes down at the lion with a peaceful smile on her face and appears to be successfully taming this wild beast. The fact that Strength is represented by a woman indicates that this card is not focused on pure physical strength. She has the infinity symbol above her head, the same symbol seen in the Magician. Her white robe is that of the innocent Fool, indicating a purity of spirit. The blue mountain in the background is the same symbol seen in the Lovers. The lion is a symbol of our animal passions and desires. The lion itself is sticking out his tongue. Animals that are preparing to bite do not stick their tongues out. This lion is happy to submit and surrender to the woman. The woman overcomes the lion with a quiet strength that can only come from within. Her left arm represents mental effort, while the right arm represents physical effort. Her right arm is merely holding, while the left arm is exerting all the pressure. She wears a belt and crown of flowers and stands unprotected in an open green field. The crown on her head represents the fullest, most beautiful expression of nature and transient life. The sign associated with the Strength card is Leo.

Upright Strength Tarot Card Meanings:

The Strength Tarot card represents strength, determination, and power in a manner similar to the Chariot. However, the differences between the two Tarot cards are obvious. Where the Chariot represents outer strength and will, the Strength card represents inner strength and the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle. The meaning of the Strength Tarot card is about knowing that you can endure life’s obstacles by drawing upon your inner strength and confidence. You have great stamina and persistence, tempered by an underlying patience and inner calm. You are focused on what you need to do, and you go about it in a way that demonstrates great composure and maturity.

The Strength Tarot card also reflects a compassionate approach. You are like the woman in this card who offers love and patience to the ferocious lion in order to be able to tame him. You give others space and you are tolerant of their needs. You are accepting and can easily forgive any imperfections. In doing this, you create a safe and trusting environment where you can then gently influence others. This demonstrates a level of ‘soft’ control, persuading and coaxing others to your way of thinking.

The qualities of Strength Tarot card are already in you, waiting to appear once you have mastered all your emotions and when you are ready to move on to the spiritual tasks that lie ahead. Its main lesson is that emotions must be transcended if spiritual wisdom and intuition are to be awakened. Your inner voice is often drowned out by the constant noise of emotion and preoccupation with fear. Only once you have eliminated these raw emotions can you begin to create the silence you need. So conquer your fears, control your impulses, and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing. Eventually you will see the wisdom of letting go of your lower self. The Strength archetype teaches you that you have the strength to tame the beasts within yourself. Meditating on this card can assist your process of honoring and experiencing the inherent strength that is within your nature.

The Strength Tarot card shows a balance of the aspects of you that are human, animal and divine. It may seem impossible but love, kindness and a brave heart can bring them into balance. In a Tarot reading, the appearance of the Strength Tarot card indicates a time when you need to be very conscious of your instinctual urges and reactions, and bring them into balance with the greater good and meaning in life. This is not a time to act out in rage or in hatred but instead to look at the situation from a place of love and compassion.

The Strength Tarot card represents a higher level of consciousness that allows you to take responsibility for yourself, so that you can master yourself and your world. The Strength card reminds us that inside each of us is a passionate and instinctual side that, depending on the person, will either burst out frequently or infrequently. If you are one of those people who acts impulsively or irrationally, and who blurts out angry comments or negative things to others, the Strength Tarot card calls on you to try to tame yourself. The woman in this card is calmly subduing the lion by offering peace, love, and warmth. You may need to do the same to prevent yourself from leaping out at others and saying some things you might later regret.

In a Tarot reading, Strength offers you the hope of connecting with both your inner and outer strength. It asks you to find the confidence within yourself to present yourself to the world as strong, assertive, and persevering. If you have been self-doubting, the Strength Tarot card gives you the confidence to fight those doubts. Additionally, if you are feeling worn out or stressed, Strength says to you, “Things are going to get better! You are going to find the strength within yourself and within others to keep going!” When Strength appears in a Tarot reading, you can be assured that you have enough endurance to see this task through to its eventual end. If you are pushing too hard, Strength shows the need to withdraw for the moment, and to be patient. Enlightenment will come only when the time is right – it cannot be rushed.

Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meanings:

Strength reversed indicates weakness. You may have recently experienced a setback, or you are questioning your own journey and whether you are on the right track. Your inner strength and courage is lacking right now and you are feeling inadequate and vulnerable as a result. While these feelings may seem very real when you are in the moment, you will soon come to realize that they exist only to remind you that you are only temporarily out of touch with your inner strength. You need to remember that your core strength will always be with you and now is as good a time as any to reconnect with this core strength. Look towards the positive aspects in your life to reinvigorate self-confidence and self-esteem. Return to the lesson of the Chariot, where you need to draw upon your willpower, focus and determination in order to overcome your obstacles and be victorious.

Similarly, the reversed Strength Tarot card suggests that you may be starting to doubt yourself and lose some self-esteem and self-confidence. Instead of taking the lead and manifesting your goals, you may be engaging in self-doubt and becoming dependent on others’ feelings and actions that dictate your own.
In a Tarot reading, Strength is also related to inner control and, in its reversed position, suggests that you may be giving in to your instinctual reactions and lacking the self-discipline you need. Aggression may be an issue and, as such an anger management course may be a good path forward for you. You need to exercise more control over your emotions to ensure that you do not lash out at others and later regret your actions and words.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Strength card may indicate that you doubt yourself and feel as if you are not ‘good enough’ for the relationship. You may not feel completely secure in the relationship and often question whether your partner really has strong feelings for you. This may lead you to be someone other than your true self, someone who is worried, anxious or overly protective about the relationship.


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Friday, November 11, 2016

Supermoon November 14th 2016

If you only see one astronomical event this year, make it the November supermoon. The Moon will be the closest to Earth it's been since January 1948. During the event, which will happen on the eve of November 14, the Moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon. This is the closest the Moon will get to Earth until November 25, 2034.  

 So how do you get a Supermoon? As NASA explains, because the Moon has an elliptical orbit, one side – called the perigee – is about 48,280 km (30,000 miles) closer to Earth than the other side (the apogee). When the Sun, the Moon, and Earth line up as the Moon orbits Earth, that’s known as syzygy. When this Earth-Moon-Sun system occurs with the perigee side of the Moon facing us, and the Moon happens to be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, we get what's called a perigee-syzygy. That causes the Moon to appear much bigger and brighter in our sky than usual, and it's referred to as a Supermoon – or more technically, a perigee moon. Supermoons aren't all that uncommon; we just had one on October 16, and after the November 14 super-supermoon, we'll have another one on December 14. But because the November 14 Moon becomes full within about 2 hours of perigee, it's going to look the biggest it has in nearly seven decades.

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

7 - The Chariot

Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination

Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression

Chariot Tarot Card Description:

The Chariot is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer. He sits within a canopy of six-pointed stars, representing the celestial influences at work in this Tarot card. The crescent moons on the man’s shoulders are outward facing to refer to the formative world. The symbols on his tunic represent the spiritual transformation of man. The square signifies earth, a sign of strength of will. The laurel and star crown indicate the highest attainment of man in spiritual evolution.

The wings on the Chariot represent inspiration and the Hindu sign of the union of positive and negative. The black and white sphinxes have the same meaning. The Charioteer holds no reins, just the wand from the Magician card. He controls through strength of will in the same way the Magician does. The city is behind him, indicating he has turned his back on civilization and materialism in order to seek spiritual matters.

Upright Chariot Tarot Card Meanings:

The Chariot represents conquest, victory and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. Any success will be a result of applying these factors to the situation. You will need to use the strength of your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges in your way. You may even find that by leveraging any opposing forces surrounding you at this time you can use them to your advantage. You must be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working. If you are, you will triumph over any difficulties or anyone who is trying to limit you. This struggle will ultimately make you stronger.

You will be successful at pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination and confidence in your abilities. You need to focus completely on the task at hand, get in the race and win it. You have to dominate and beat the competition. You must cultivate the ability to withstand the severity of what is required. In fact, striving towards your goal can be as satisfying as attaining it. This is a time to be strong and in control. You must also draw upon your willpower and self-discipline.

You may be wondering if you should pursue a plan or continue a project but you will be driven to do so, and your perplexing dilemma will be resolved for the time being.

The Chariot requires you to assert yourself and be bold. You may need to look after yourself at this time and be confident in expressing your needs and wants, otherwise you will not get your way. You need to have faith in yourself and know fundamentally who you are and what you stand for.

Sometimes, the Chariot asks you to come to terms with your own aggressive impulses. Aggression is part of human nature, part of your innate survival mechanism. Aggression cannot be simply suppressed; to do so will only turn it inward on yourself, leaving it to manifest itself in the form of physical illness. Aggression can be very destructive but it is also a powerful energy that can be channeled creatively. This is a time when you need to be the master of your emotions and curb any impulses or anger. You must achieve control of the situation but this will also require you to be in control of yourself.

(The Chariot can also represent upcoming traveling.)

Reversed Chariot Tarot Card Meanings:

Reversed, the Chariot suggests that you are feeling as if you have very little control over your life. You may have lost power over the opposing forces and you are now at their mercy. You may feel dragged through time, in whatever direction fate takes you. If you are someone who likes to have some control over your destiny and to know where you are heading, this is the time to tighten the reins and become more disciplined and focused on what you are doing. While the feeling of loss of power can be quite demoralizing, the key is to look at what you can control and what you cannot control. Do not allow yourself to be worried about what is out of your control as there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, focus your energies on what IS in your control. Examine what you can do to change the situation. At this stage, you need to be able to feel as if you have at least some direction, because currently you feel pushed and pulled around in the sea of fate.

The Chariot reversed also suggests that you are collapsing under pressure and losing your self-control. Your aggression is being channeled in the wrong direction, wildly at other people, at fate, at external circumstances. This is a complete waste of your energy and resources. Redefine your aggression as determination and willpower, stop clinging weakly to unrewarding ideas, habits, people, and objects and move forward.

You may be feeling that up until this point, you have been at the beck and call of others and have been forced to deal with other people’s issues. You may have felt a loss of personal control, as if life was just happening to you. As a result, you have lost some of your confidence and personal power, and you may be feeling directionless. You seek greater control over your life and you are determined not to let others influence you as significantly as they have in the past. You want a mind of your own and you want to steer your life in the direction YOU wish to, not what someone else wants.

The Chariot reversed may also suggest that you need to be more comfortable with not always being in control. There are going to be moments in the future where you feel as though aspects of your life are out of your hands. Be open to spontaneity and new experiences, even if it is not aligned to your original plan. Do not be afraid to let someone else take control for a period of time and take you on new adventures. You do not always have to be in control of everything.


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Sunday, October 30, 2016











Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
French Writer

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

6 – The Lovers

Upright: Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices

Reversed: Disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values

Lovers Tarot Card Description:

The sign associated with the Lovers is Gemini. The two figures in the Lovers card are blessed and protected by the angel in the clouds above them. Angels, in general, represent the refinement of earthly desires. This angel, in particular, is Raphael, the angel of Air. One of the associations of Air is communication, necessary for a healthy relationship. The purple cloak on the angel represents royalty, a symbol of how important communication is. The sun shines brightly over the couple, bringing warmth and security. The earth at their feet is green and fertile and suggests life and happiness. The snake in the fruit-laden tree behind the woman suggests the story of Adam and Eve, the fall of humanity from grace, and the temptations of the world. The snake is also a symbol of the senses. The flames behind the man represent the flames of passion, indicating the primary concern of the man. There are twelve flames, representing the twelve zodiac signs, the symbol of time and eternity. The man looks to the woman, who looks to the angel, indicating the path of the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious, or from physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns. The mountain is a masculine symbol, while the water is a feminine symbol, indicating balance between the two.

Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meanings:

The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two lovers has created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soul mate connection or very intimate and close relationship. 

The Lovers can also indicate a very strong sexual connection that goes beyond instant gratification and lust to suggest a very deep desire and passion that exists between two beings. The physical attraction is strong and so too is the desire to be intimate with one another. 

On a more personal level, the Lovers card represents the establishment of a personal belief system and becoming clearer about your own values. This is a time when you are figuring out what you stand for and what your personal philosophy on life is. This is also a time when you need to stay true to yourself and be as authentic and genuine as possible. 

The Lovers also represents choices on a grand scale. A dilemma will be presented demanding an action or decision, and you will want to decipher the best way to proceed or make the right choice. Something is going to change your plans or the course of your experience, something that may look negative on the surface but will later prove to be a blessing in disguise. 

When the Lovers card appears in a reading, it is important to think about what decisions and choices you are facing. The fact that the Lovers is a Major Arcana card indicates that these decisions or choices are incredibly important and significant so it is essential that you choose the right path. There may be an easy option available but you will need to ask yourself whether this is the right path for you in the long run. Oftentimes, it is the more difficult path that will bring you the greatest benefit, particularly on a deeper level.
If you find yourself at a moral crossroads where you must choose between taking the moral high ground or the low ground, then you need to consider all consequences before acting. The Lovers card highlights that your own value system is being challenged, and you must make a definite choice based on that system. The choices are never really easy or obvious, either. Thus, it is wise to seek higher guidance before making your final decision. You must be completely honest with yourself in the situation. Do not take things strictly on face value but deeply examine your motives, your feelings, your options and your personal values.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meanings:
The Lovers reversed indicates that you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. You have made a rushed decision based purely on your desire for instant gratification and now you are trying to lay the blame on others or on fate. You must do what you can to make amends but if this is not possible, let the past go and resolve to make better choices in the future. 

The Lovers reversed can also indicate inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. It suggests disharmony and difficulty in being able to balance your own inner union. Perhaps you are punishing yourself for something you have done or feel responsible for? To help you out of this situation, you will need to focus on clearly articulating your personal belief systems and values. This will help to guide you in making better decisions next time. 

In a relationship reading, the Lovers reversed indicates that there may be some imbalance. You may feel that a once-close union is starting to fragment and break down. Your vibrations with each other may be out of tune, and you may feel as though you are both out of harmony. Despite an immense amount of potential when you first met, this potential is now being brought into question. You are starting to realize that your values are actually different and your visions of the future are different. These fundamental differences may be a showstopper for the relationship if they cannot be resolved.
The Lovers reversed may also reflect that the feelings within a relationship are not mutual. One person in the partnership may have stronger feelings than the other and may be more emotionally involved. This could lead to disappointments later down the track and feelings of insecurity about the relationship. You may be reluctant to open your heart up to the relationship for fear of getting hurt. 

You need to be aware that an imbalance in your relationships exists. With this in mind, you can alter your behavior to accommodate being out of sync with your partner or someone else who is important in your life. Work hard to bring things back to the level point and do not allow things to get out of control. You may be experiencing a slight downturn at this stage but it certainly does not mean it is all over. Simply try to maintain the balance and harmonize your union together.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Grateful Heart

Give me a grateful heart,
For each small favor granted.
As years unfold, may I behold
Life, still, through eyes enchanted.
Let me find beauty in all things,
Not be too blind to see
The goodness in my fellowman,
That he would find in me.

Grant that my ears remain attuned
To hear the smallest sigh,
And may I lend a gentle touch,
To those less sure than I.
Let me remember lessons learned,
To profit from the past,
And may I build a bridge of dreams,
That shall forever last.

Let me rejoice in simple things;
I need no wealth to buy
The scent of pine upon the wind,
A burnished copper sky,
Scarlet roses on the fence,
Sunrise through the trees.
Oh, grant that I may not outgrow 
Affinity for these.

Give me a grateful heart.
Let me be satisfied
When days are less than sunny
And plans lie at low tide.
Life is a sweet adventure
That will lead to who knows where,
So, give me a grateful heart
That I may always care.


Grace E. Easley

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's okay to have my feelings.
Today I express how I am feeling in positive ways.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I AM centered and focused, and I feel more secure with each day.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Saturday, October 08, 2016

5 – The Hierophant 

Upright: Religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs
Reversed: Restriction, challenging the status quo

Hierophant Tarot Card Description:

The Hierophant is known as the High Priest in some decks. He is the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess. The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus. The Hierophant is represented by a religious figure, sitting within a formal church environment. He is wearing three elaborate vestments of his office that represent the three worlds. The crown he is wearing has three tiers to. His right hand is raised in approval, which is also the same hand the Magician has raised. While the Magician was taking raw power from the Universe and manifesting it on the material plane, the Hierophant channels that power through society (as in the religions of the world). The triple scepter is another symbol of his dominion over the three worlds. The crossed keys represent a balance between the conscious and subconscious minds and unlock the mysteries. Before him kneels two initiates. The Hierophant’s task is to bring the two into the church so that they can take up their appointed roles. This symbolizes entry into all types of institutions where there is a shared group identity. These could include schools, clubs, teams, companies and societies.

Upright Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings:

The Hierophant is very conventional and suggests that you have a desire to follow due process and to stay within the conventional bounds of what is typically a conventional approach. Instead of being original, you will need to adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems that are already in place. You will need to do what is expected of you. The appearance of the Hierophant in a Tarot reading indicates that this is certainly not a time to challenge the status quo.

The Hierophant Tarot card suggests that you may be wise to follow established social structures and traditions. You may be involved in some sort of ritual, ceremony, or religion. There is also a need to honor some tradition in your life, or maybe start some traditions of your own if you have none. Consider also exploring your spiritual or religious heritage.

In Tarot readings, the Hierophant card often stands for institutions and their values. The Hierophant is a symbol of the need to conform to rules or fixed situations. His appearance can show that you are dealing with a force that is not original, free-spirited or individual but is instead fixated on the ‘way we have always done things around here’. Groups can be enriching or stifling depending on circumstances. Sometimes we need to follow a program or embrace tradition, while at other times we need to trust ourselves.

The Hierophant Tarot card indicates that you may feel compelled to join some sort of group or institution. This Tarot card is about identifying with a group and a way of thinking that will have benefit for you and will prompt further learning.

The Hierophant represents education and the pursuit of knowledge. This Tarot card can indicate a period of increased studying and learning, through formal mechanisms. The Hierophant may also appear in your life as a psychotherapist, a wise counselor, a priest, or a spiritual mentor to whom you will turn for wisdom and knowledge. He may be an authority or a kind and generous mentor who nurtures a spiritual awareness. You will learn new skills from this helpful teacher as he has the wisdom to provide good counsel and advice.

The Hierophant Tarot card represents an institutionalized means for accessing the sacred and is the carrier and transmitter of ancient wisdom and religious teaching. He represents a link between us and the Divine and, for this reason, he is often referred to as the Pope. The role of the Pope is traditionally that of the mediator between God and mankind. As such, the Hierophant represents the spiritual teacher who helps us come into contact with the Divine. Unlike the Magician, who simply points the way, the Hierophant is a trusted guide, one who will take us by the hand and lead us to our spiritual goal. He represents a gateway to a higher consciousness reached in a ritualized manner.

All things that are righteous and sacred come with the Hierophant Tarot card – marriage, alliance, mercy and goodness, inner conscience and outer conscience.

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings:

The Hierophant reversed indicates that you are feeling restricted or constrained by structure and rules, and as a result, you have lost a lot of flexibility and control in your life. You have a strong desire to go against the grain and break free from convention. You may be tempted to go about your business in an unorthodox manner, to do something that is out of character or against social norms. The Hierophant reversed is about breaking the rules and challenging the status quo. You no longer accept the rigid structures, tradition and dogma surrounding you, and now seek out opportunities to rebel and retaliate. You want to challenge ideas and concepts that you once thought of as written in stone.

The reversed Hierophant is about questioning tradition and asking yourself whether what you are doing is really the right thing for you. Now you realize that perhaps things are not the way they seem and changes need to be made. The reversed Hierophant can sometimes reflect societal or group pressure. You are being forced to conform but you do not agree with the fundamental belief systems.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I rejoice in my own expression of life.
 I am perfect just as I am. 
I love and approve of myself.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I declare peace and harmony within me and around me. All is well.

Friday, September 23, 2016

 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

 Proverbs 23:7. 

"As you think, so shall you be."

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

4 - The Emperor 

  Upright: Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation
Reversed: Domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility

Emperor Tarot Card Description:

The Emperor is the complement to the Empress. He is the Masculine Principle, the Patriarch. He represents power and authority, and has a stern attitude. The Emperor has a long, white beard, a symbol of his experience. It suggests that this man has acquired years of wisdom and experience and he is worthy of listening to because he has seen first-hand the consequences of his actions. 

Behind his throne are barren mountains and the throne itself is decorated with four rams’ heads, representing intellectual heights, determination, action, initiative and leadership. The ram is also a symbol of Aries, the astral ruler of the Emperor. In his right hand, the Emperor holds the Egyptian symbol of Life, and in his left is an orb representing the world over which he rules. The orange background and the Emperor’s red clothing symbolize his passion and energy for life and the challenges it offers.

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meanings:

The Emperor is the father figure of the Tarot deck. He is the ‘provider’ and protects and defends his loved ones. He has established a solid family line and is often seen as the patriarch of a wide network of family members. He offers guidance, advice and wisdom to others and in doing so, demonstrates authority and grounding. His wisdom is obtained through worldly, life experience. He has ‘been there, done that’, and has the battle armor to prove it. He takes what he has learned, and passes it on to the next generation, so someday they can be as wise and powerful as he is. He brings security and comfort to those around him. 

The Emperor is also representative of structure and stability. He is able to create order out of chaos by carefully categorizing his thoughts and mapping out what needs to be done to solve the problem. He is a systematic and strategic thinker and is highly organized and coordinated in his approach. He sticks to a plan and ensures he sees it out until the end. Thus, this card indicates that you have a strong desire to see your ideas manifested on the physical plane in the form of material gain or accomplishment. An opportunity will arrive that could be the foundation of a very successful future. 

The Emperor reflects rules and regulations. He establishes law and order by applying principles or guidelines to a specific situation. He likes to operate within a defined structure with set boundaries. He respects routine and follows a specific regimen or discipline. 

Domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes unwanted or best avoided but with the Emperor, it is necessary and even welcomed. If you are facing difficult choices, you must maintain your concentration and focus. Enjoy the assertiveness and confidence that this self-control and focus brings. Push ahead and do what you know is best. Know that if you can master yourself then you should have little problem mastering the world and everything in it.
The Emperor is a powerful leader who demands authority and dominance. He is most comfortable in a leadership role where he can command and direct others. He likes to be in a position of strength, where he can exert control and bring a sense of organization to his activities. He often represents a solid establishment that is built on strong foundations. As a leader, he rules with a firm but fair hand. He will listen to the advice of others but he will always have the final say. He is not afraid of war and/or conflict and he will not hesitate to use his force and power to protect those he cares about. The privileged few whom he favors always repay him with the loyalty and respect he deserves. 

The Emperor indicates status, success and recognition. You will have an earnest desire to be recognized as a strong figure of unquestioned achievement and authority. You will want to be known as the dominant force, the leader and the ‘expert’. Focus your attention completely on your goal and be very careful not to reveal any weaknesses or personal doubt.

If you come across the Emperor in your own life, then you will need to be ready to impress! The Emperor administers and governs the area you wish to enter. You cannot achieve your dreams and goals without this person’s blessing. With the Emperor’s support, you will have a much better chance of actualizing your dream and you can begin to benefit from the established structure he has formed. 

Sometimes, the Emperor can represent the power of the government or a decision-making body. Within yourself, there is also a force that governs your actions. These forces are will power and self-control.

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meanings:

Reversed, the Emperor can suggest that there is an over-use and abuse of authoritative power surrounding you at this time. He can be incredibly domineering and rigid in his thinking. It could be originating from you or from another person, often a boss, partner or a father-figure. There may be an insecure man throwing his weight around who has a need for control.
You may feel powerless when the Emperor reversed appears in a reading. Dealing with authority is burdened with difficulties at this time and whether this manifests as a dominant partner, problems with your father or battles with officials, you do not seem to be making any headway. This is not the time to rebel, instead realize your own need to control events and deal with any problems logically. 

Sometimes, the reversed Emperor asks you to stand up to authority and to know that you do not always have to go about matters in the most traditional way. You may be fed up with an over-bearing boss or a hierarchical organization and you will be compelled to enter a more flexible and adaptive environment. You may also be inspired to work independently, perhaps even starting up your own business in order to be free of corporate life and oppressive bosses.

If the reversed Emperor comes up in a career reading, you may be at a point now where you want to avoid having to deal with this type of person and you are now ready to embrace something new. You may also be seeking a career where you can have greater flexibility and creativity in how you complete your work. You are sick of having to always work within the confines of a particular structure or way of doing things and you want to break free.
As a career aspiration, the Emperor reversed indicates that you are trying to avoid the energies of the Emperor in your future career direction. You may find that having to take an authoritarian role every day just does not sit well with you anymore. You want to free yourself from the routine and the structures that have permeated your life and held you back. You want to provide yourself with greater freedom to explore your creativity, rather than getting bogged down in the detail and the routine. 

On a personal level, the reversed Emperor can indicate that you lack self-control, ambition and the ability to deal with any kind of authority. In fact, you probably show contempt for any kind of order. However, you may need to bring more structure into your life at this time. Things may have gotten quite chaotic recently and now it is time to bring about order once again.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Emperor suggests that you may be in an unequal relationship and this is making you unhappy in the long-term. Your partner has become over-bearing, possessive, dominating and authoritative. While you may have been looking for a partner to take care of you and provide a stable foundation for the future, it has gone too far now and you feel as though much of your independence and freedom have been taken away. Your partner has become stubborn, rules-based, argumentative and highly structured. This is putting strain on the relationship and preventing a creative flow of energies to flow between you. He/she feels compassionately toward you but has inflexible expectations of you.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Throughout time, every spiritual master from every age and teaching 
has taught this same truth. It is a reality from which we cannot escape: 
As a man thinketh, so he is. It is done unto you as you believe."

"The Art of Being" 


Dennis Merritt Jones

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day, 
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measure."

- Rabindranath Tagore

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe
 is as good as dead; his eyes are closed."

- Albert Einstein

Monday, September 05, 2016

Friday, September 02, 2016

Marijuana May Be Key To Healing Injured Brain


Research suggests a direct role of marijuana compounds in treating traumatic brain injuries.

The activity of marijuana may help repair the brain after traumatic injury, according to new research from Spain.

Scientists found that pathways in the brain associated with marijuana (cannabinoid receptors) were also responsible for the effects of a chemical called Minocycline.

The results were released in the Oxford journal Cerebral Cortex:

    “Our findings confirm that Minocycline decreases brain damage caused by traumatic brain injury… the activation of cannabinoid receptors is required for the neuroprotective actions of this compound.”

Inflammation is believed to contribute to brain damage that occurs after a head injury. Earlier studies show that Minocycline can protect against this damage.

However, when researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid gave Minocycline along with chemicals that block the activity of cannabinoid receptors, its protective effects were prevented.

Interestingly, other studies suggest that marijuana may play a direct role in protecting against brain damage – including research by Professor Yosef Sarne of Israel’s Tel Aviv University.

While still in its early stages, Prof. Sarne told Science Daily that the main chemical in marijuana, THC, showed incredible promise:

    “THC could be applicable to many cases of brain injury and be safer over time.”

THC’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are thought to protect the brain from further damage following injury.

While THC is also responsible for the marijuana high, Prof. Sarne found it offered significant protection at doses 1,000 to 10,000 times less than that in an average marijuana joint.

The study was supported by GRUPOS UCM-BSCH 951579; Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas; Instituto de Salud Carlos III; Redes temáticas de Investigación Cooperativa en salud, Red de Trastornos Adictivos; Ministerio de Economía y Competividad, Spain, and the nonprofitable organization Fondation des Gueules cassées.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Stay A Little Longer" by Brothers Osborne

Something like a strong wind is coming over me
It's got a hold of me, yeah
Thinking and doing things I shouldn't be
I really shouldn't be

Give it one more call
It's one more "whatcha doin right now?"
It's one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in
One more here we go again

One more drink leads to another
You slide up close to me
Tear the t-shirts off each other
Your hands all over me
I tell myself I'm not in love
But one more time is not enough
One last kiss and then you're a goner
And I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer

So calm and so cool, yeah I try to be
Like it don't bother me
The last time was the last time
Until I'm all alone and I'm picking up the phone

One more call
It's one more "whatcha doin right now?"
It's one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in
One more here we go again

One more drink leads to another
You slide up close to me
Tear the t-shirts off each other
Your hands all over me
I tell myself I'm not in love
But one more time is not enough
One last kiss and then you're a goner
And I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer

One more drink leads to another
You slide up close to me
Tear the t-shirts off each other
Your hands all over me
I tell myself I'm not in love
But one more time is not enough
One last kiss and then you're a goner
And I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer

Stay a little longer

Wishing you could stay a little longer... 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016



It is people taking conscious responsibility
For their own lives,
not blaming others for their problems.
It is people who deliberately decide to
learn and grow.
It is people who don’t have to be right,
except for themselves.
It is people seeing problems as lessons, perhaps in a
long series of lives and lessons.
It is people who believe we are what we think we
are, and can change ourselves
by changing our thinking.
It is people who think they can change the world by
changing themselves, not by trying to
change others.
It is people who search for strength from the
Universe by going inside themselves.
It is people who realize that love doesn’t have to
have conditions attached.
It is people loving and knowing themselves, in order
to better love and know others.
It is people who see others as not better than
nor less than, but rather different than
themselves, yet part of the same whole.
It is people who choose their own path rather
than follow dogma.
It is people honoring your right to your
own path, not theirs.
It is people that realize that we all have is now,
since yesterday is just a thought.
We are each the Light shining for others to see.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Who's Who of Fairies

Brownies: Brownies are helpful little men with brownish skin and brown clothing. They have been said to visit farms in Scotland and do household chores while the family sleeps. All they ask in return for their work is a bowl of cream.

Dwarfs: These aged creatures of the mountains are miners with magical powers. They won't appear above ground in day light because they'll turn to stone. They wear long clothes to cover their feet, which are deformed or point backward.

Elves: Elves are merry creatures who live in colonies under the earth. They
love parties, music, and dancing, but they kidnap people who are caught listening to their music.

Flower fairies: In the gardens of China, flower fairies dress like young girls and spread the scent of flowers as they dance.

Gnomes: Gnomes are bearded men with broad, leathery features who never
age and who always wear hoods. They guard hidden treasure in the woods and hills where they live.
Goblins: Goblins, the thieves of the fairy world, have a bad reputation. They
have deformed bodies with huge, bulging eyes and live in underground caves.

Huldre: These Icelandic fairies look like beautiful girls from the front, but in
back they may have cow tails or they may be one -sided. They demonstrate that beauty is only one part of something.

Leprechauns: These clever, independent little men wear three-cornered hats. They are shoemakers who make only one shoe, not a pair. Every leprechaun has a hidden pot of gold.

Menehunes: These hard -working Hawaiian fairies work at night building bridges and roads. They are small, dark-eyed creatures with shaggy eyebrows and deep, gruff voices.

Monaciello: This Italian fairy is dressed in a hooded robe. It comes out at night to lead poor and needy people to hidden treasure.

Pixies: These green dancing fairies have a king, a queen, and a full royal court. Pixies live in England, where they pull pranks on people.

Sandman: He travels the world over, sprinkling sleep dust in children's eyes to help them fall asleep.
Tooth fairy: No one has seen a tooth fairy, so their appearance has not been
described. When a child's tooth falls out, the tooth fairy takes it away and leaves a reward in its place.

Vilas: These fairy sisters live in the Alps, where they heal the sick and foretell the future.
Will-o'-wisps: Will-o'-wisps are mischievous fairies who light up on dark nights. They snatch the lights of travelers and try to lead them astray.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon: August 18th, 2016

In celebration of the full moon tonight:

A full moon occurs each month when the sun, Earth and moon line up, with the Earth in between the two. During this time, the Earth-facing side of the moon is completely illuminated by the sun, giving observers on the planet a stunningly bright lunar sight, weather permitting.

August's full moon is known as the Full Sturgeon Moon by some Native American tribes because it marks the time when its namesake fish can be most readily caught. Other Native American tribes call the August Moon the 'Full Green Corn Moon' and the 'Blueberry Moon.'

August's full moon is also known as the 'Harvest Moon' to the Chinese and the 'Dispute Moon' in Celtic culture. And in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is currently winter, August's full moon has been known as the Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon and Wolf Moon.

 A Supermoon occurs when the full moon of a given month coincides with the moon's arrival at perigee, the point in its orbit when it is closest to Earth. During these times, the moon can appear up to 14 percent larger than it appears when it is at its farthest point from Earth. Supermoons, or perigee full moons, will occur on Oct. 16, Nov. 14, and Dec. 14, 2016.

During some full moons, the moon aligns directly behind the Earth with respect to the sun, creating a lunar eclipse as it passes through the Earth's shadow. Because the moon's orbit is tilted, this lunar alignment does not occur every month. The next such eclipse will be a minor penumbral lunar eclipse and will occur on Sept. 16, 2016

If you would be interested in a watching a live broadcast of the full moon tonight, here is a link to do so:


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"I am a Divine Expression of life. 

I love and accept myself where I am right now."

- Louise Hay

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Each new moment is influencing my dreams."

"Tapping The Source" 

William Gladstone

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"I AM open to receiving inspiration from my Source."

"Tapping The Source" 

William Gladstone

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Sunday, August 07, 2016

3 – Empress

Upright: Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance

Reversed: Creative block, dependence on others

Empress Tarot Card Description:

The Empress is the representative Earth Mother, the Feminine Principle, and the Goddess of Fertility. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity, fertility, art, harmony, luxury, beauty and grace. 

The main feature of this card is the Empress herself, a full-figured woman with blond hair and a peaceful and calm aura about her. On her head she wears a crown of stars, showing her connection with the mystical realm of angels and fairies. She is dressed in a patterned robe of pomegranates, symbolic of fertility and is seated upon a luxurious array of cushions and flowing red velvet with the symbol of Venus emblazoned upon it. 

The Empress is surrounded by a beautiful, lush forest with a stream running through it, demonstrating the Empress’s deep emotional connection with Mother Earth and life. She draws her sense of peace from the trees and the water and is rejuvenated by the energy of nature. In the foreground, golden wheat springs from the ground, reflecting abundance from a recent harvest.

Upright Empress Tarot Card Meanings:

The Empress shows a deep connection with our femininity. Femininity translates in many ways – beauty, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, nurturing – and is necessary in creating balance in both men and women. The Empress calls on you to connect with your feminine energy. Create beauty in your life. Get in touch with your sensuality through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. Draw on these senses to experience pleasure and deep fulfillment. Discover new ways to creatively express yourself, through painting, music, drama, or other art forms. This may be the perfect time to take up a new hobby that enables you to access this part of yourself. 

The Empress may also indicate pregnancy or birth. Look to other cards in the reading to confirm if this is an actual pregnancy or birth (for example, the Ace or Page of Cups or the Four of Wands). Or if it is metaphorical (for example, the Ace of Wands). On a metaphorical level, the Empress may represent the birth of a new idea, a product, or a new way of being. New ideas and projects will be implemented resulting in the success of all your projects and interests. Bring forth those ideas that have been growing and developing inside of you. 

The Empress encourages you to spend time in nature. Allow yourself the time and the space to enter into a different frame of mind in which you can truly connect with Mother Earth and receive her into your heart and mind. Take a trip to your favorite nature setting, be it a forest, beach, mountain or lake and simply sit for a couple of minutes, hours or even days to breathe in the energy that surrounds you while marveling in the beauty of the earth. The Empress highlights that you are grounded in the material plane (a stabilizing influence), yet you can reach into higher planes of consciousness through your connection with nature. 

The Empress is a deeply nurturing and caring card. If you are a mother yourself, you may be exploring your ‘mother’ role even more deeply than you have before and truly appreciating the gift that has been bestowed upon you. You are blessed by maternal, protective forces or influences. For fathers, the Empress encourages you to nurture your children and open the lines of communication between you and your child. Encourage growth and development of your children, and be there to support and guide when needed. More broadly, the Empress encourages all to connect with others by nurturing, caring and supporting those around you. 

When we allow ourselves to truly experience the connections with Mother Earth, our femininity and those around us, we create abundance and radiance in our lives. Take a moment to reflect on the love that surrounds you and build on this energy to create even more abundant love in your life. Know that love is limitless. 

Similarly, the Empress indicates that the Universal energy is about to intervene in your life. It may be just enough to give you a glimpse of a miracle or it may be even more. You may or may not know whom or what brings such good fortune but the care and nurturing that will result come as no accident. What appears to be coincidental good luck may actually be the result of a series of good choices you have made. It is your turn to have things work out in your favor, to be blessed and to feel nurtured. 

Reversed Empress Tarot Card Meanings:

The Empress reversed may indicate issues with pregnancy, whether it is infertility or an unwanted pregnancy. Reversed, the Empress also suggests a loss of personal power through placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting your own. The reversed position of this card deals with indecisiveness concerning others and confusion about the direction a relationship may be taking. You may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. The reason for this lack of harmony is likely to be within you and therefore introspection is required. 

In a relationship reading, the Empress reversed suggests that you are feeling very challenged because you do not have a way to express your true thoughts and feelings and you are obligated to bottle a lot of it up inside. You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can get in touch with your inner self. This card can also suggest a dependence on other people’s feelings, indicating that you may be playing a waiting game now to see how your partner reacts and what emotion he/she displays. It is best not to do this but instead work through your own emotions independently of him or her.
If you are struggling in a relationship, the first step for you is to take some time to yourself in order to restore your energy levels and your belief in yourself. Unfortunately, your past relationships have impacted how you see yourself and your ability to truly love and trust another person. As a result, you may be doubting your inner beauty and losing your inspiration for creating beautiful, loving relationships. 

You may also be overprotective of someone you love and this is straining your relationship. Be mindful that you are not becoming a smothering, demanding mother. Are you ‘mothering’ your partner, friends, or family too much? Be careful not to overdraw on the characteristics of the upright Empress. You may need to follow the example of the High Priestess who listens to her inner psyche for the answers. 

More generally, the Empress reversed indicates that you are feeling discontented because something is missing or lacking in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do but you do not know what. This card can indicate a creative block. You may find your mood is depressed or negative. Work can feel laborious and mundane. This is not a time to think, act or do. You are already overloaded and mental pursuits will not give you what you need. Further attempts to follow your intellect or reasoning mind will only cause frustration or lead you astray.


Friday, August 05, 2016

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Marijuana Linked To Better Memory, Brain Function In Schizophrenia

Schizophrenics who use cannabis appear to have superior memory and prefrontal cortex functioning.

University of Montreal researchers say cannabis use could preserve memory and prefrontal cortex function in patients with schizophrenia

Marijuana may offer a number of benefits to patients with schizophrenia, according to new research out of Canada.

Published online in the journal Psychiatry Research, the study found that heavy marijuana users performed better on memory tasks than those who avoided cannabis. MRI scans also revealed superior brain function in an area responsible for complex thinking and decision making.

Researchers from the University of Montreal studied 14 patients with a dual-diagnosis (cannabis dependence and schizophrenia) and 14 patients with schizophrenia only.

    “Our results suggest that emotional memory and prefrontal lobe functioning are preserved in dual-diagnosis patients.”
While patients were evaluated based on emotional memory, the researchers observed no differences in emotional responses between the two groups during resting states.

This led the authors to suggest that the superior performance of cannabis users could reflect a “more general difference” in memory.

Previous studies provide support for their findings – the authors note – including an earlier MRI study that found “less impaired brain functioning” in schizophrenic cannabis users. Likewise, another study suggests that certain symptoms of the disorder could be due to a lack of marijuana-like chemicals in the brain.

And while some still believe that cannabis causes problems when it comes to schizophrenia, the latest study only “adds to the growing literature showing that some key functions (negative symptoms, social skills, cognition) are preserved” in patients who use cannabis, conclude the authors.

The study was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Fonds de Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ).