Saturday, July 31, 2010


Nature, it is one of life's most beautiful gifts. Nature is such a wonderful blessing that too many of us take for granted on a regular basis. We really need to slow down with life and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. There are so many neat things that we can enjoy and experience.

Being outside is great for our bodies and minds. When we take pleasure in being outside noticing the plants and the animals then we can truly understand the value of life. Life is such a special gift, and when we come to terms and realize this then we can have a much more fulfilling existence. Nature is so amazing and such a wonderful remedy for chasing our blues away. Just looking at nature and seeing the patterns and the science behind everything is just so astounding. The complexity of many organisms and the ecosystem are enough to take our breath away. And when we can appreciate this, then we are more likely to notice the changes and not take for granted what our world has to offer. Our Earth is a marvelous place with so much to offer. The beauty of nature should be enough to inspire us. Being in nature really is a wonderful stress reliever. The fresh air, the colorful plants, the water and all the different animal species are naturally calming to our bodies. If we can take the time to enjoy nature more often then we will have less stress in our lives. Every now and then we need to get away from our everyday lives and see what is really out there. Get away from work, the city, or even what you are familiar with and find a place where you can get away. Escape for a while into natures serenity and just enjoy being.

Enjoy what life has to offer us, especially through nature. Nature has healing properties and we can all incorporate a little more into our lives. You will feel the difference when you are outside. You will feel it in your body. We are meant to experience the world, and we are meant to be outside enjoying life and all of its resources. Spend more time outside and you will see changes in your attitude, and it will help encourage positive thoughts.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Compliments: What a wonderful way to make someone's day!

Compliments are a fantastic way of expressing our positive thoughts to others. When we give someone a compliment we are giving them praise and letting them know that someone noticed. Someone noticed that they did a job well done, or styled their hair particularly nice, or even smells good. Let that person know! Don't be afraid to say something. How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment? We feel good about ourselves when someone pays us a compliment, so in turn if we let others know when they deserve it then we are making someone else feel good. You would be surprised. One little compliment can totally make someone's day. You never know what someone may be going through at the time. They could be having a particularly hard day, and a simple compliment could really make a difference. A compliment could completely turn around someones day, and wouldn't it feel good to know that you were the person that could help? If you like something about someone's outfit, their personality, anything. Tell them! Don't be shy to interact with people you don't know. Is it really that hard to say something nice to someone? I've never had anyone in my experience not appreciate a compliment. Usually it brings a smile to their face, and they say thank you., and each of you move on. So step out of your comfort zone and speak compliments to others. But in the same way, only legitimate compliments should be made. If you truly like something that someone has or has done, don't be afraid to let them know. Compliments are a way of sharing positive feelings, and keeping people on the right track. We should not only concern ourselves by making ourselves feel good, but we should take the time to inspire others as well whenever we can.

Compliments are one easy way of spreading joy and love around to others. So next time you have the opportunity to offer a compliment, don't hesitate and speak up. Make someone's day or minute.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Share Your Dreams

Another great way of practicing the Law of Attraction is through sharing your dreams. Share your dreams with others, tell them exactly what you want with all the details. Tell others what your goals and plans for the future are. Tell them that you plan to graduate from college, go on a special vacation, have a large house, or even climb a mountain. Whatever your dreams may be, tell others about them.

Telling other people makes our dreams a reality. We are setting a plan into motion.. We are sending out that frequency into the world. When we say things out loud and especially to other people then it makes it more real for us, and then we just have to work on achieving it. We have to live up to our word. Other people will remember what we told them, and may even ask us about it down the road. So we must remember and keep in mind our goal.

Saying our goal out loud is another way of asking for our wish and believing it will come to us. We don't need to know how its going to happen. We just need to believe whole heartedly that it will happen. And when we tell others about it then it helps us affirm these thoughts. It can even be a good conversation starter and you can learn a lot about a person by their dreams.

So by all means share your dreams with others and see how soon they will become reality!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just the other night I laughed so hard that I cried. When was the last time you did that? You were having such a good time that you laughed so hard that it brought tears to your eyes. Well I tell you what, it feels good. It feels good to laugh and just let go, and enjoy life. If we can't relax and have fun then we are not in alignment for positive thinking which constitutes our lifestyle.

Laughter is good for our bodies. Studies have shown this many of times. Laughing is one of the best stress relievers. When we laugh we are relaxing our bodies and letting go of negative energies. Our muscles relax and most importantly we are in a comfortable state of being. This is what is so healthy for us.

So what we need to do is work on incorporating more humor into our lives. What can we do that will bring more laughter into our lives? There are plenty of ways. One of the easiest ways for me is to watch humorous shows or movies. There are plenty of comedy movies that will get you a good laugh. There are also reality shows or stand up comedy on TV which are just as good. Learn a joke, and pass it on. Passing on jokes is also a great way to pass on the humor and brighten someone else's day. Or share funny memories with a friend or family member. Anything that will get you going.

There are so many comical events that take place in our existence. We should celebrate them and take part in it as much as possible.The more we laugh, the better we feel. So go, get your laugh on!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make Time

Make time for your thoughts. Make time for your desires. If we can set aside ten minutes a day to focus on our positive thoughts, we will see what kind of a difference it will make in our lives. Even ten minutes can make a world of a difference in our lives.

Its a way of focusing on our goals. If we don't think about them often then it is too easy to lose sight of them and forget about what we truly want. It is so easy to get caught up in our day and just get so busy in things that we forget sometimes what is really important. So if we know what we want, then with just ten minutes a day we can take the time to center our attention on our dreams.

Now we just have to remember to find time to fit in those ten minutes a day. Some people prefer to do it first thing in the morning to inspire them, while others will do it at nighttime when they are drifting off to sleep. Meditation is a very common practice for many, which I highly recommend. But in all reality, it doesn't matter when or how you take the time to do your thinking, as long as it happens. I do my thinking whenever I get some peace and quiet. I used to listen to the radio when I would go tanning, now I take that time to be quiet and think about things and just relax. It is a perfect time for me to dwell on my thoughts as I am laying there in silence. I think about all of the things I am thankful for and I run through them in my head, and from there I start day dreaming about my future. All the things that have already manifested, and the things that are soon to come. I imagine myself doing the things I've been wanting to, or having the things that I've dreamt about. A big part of the Law of Attraction is imagining. Imagining how those things would feel in your life. This is something we need to practice in our thoughts. If we are doing it everyday then how can we not be able to achieve our goals?

Make the time. Positive thinking everyday. Even if its only for ten minutes a day. Start practicing positive thinking and you will see the changes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Health Boosters

Five Simple Health Boosters

1. Open the Door. Go Outside. Go to the Park.
British researchers recently found that strolling in the park reduced tension twice as much as walking indoors. Just eyeing pictures of nature has been shown to lower blood pressure and muscle tension within five minutes.

2.  Dust Off Your Playing Cards.
Playing games are more than fun. "Playing seems to improve immunity and help people rebound from illness," says Stuart Brown, M.D., who researches the health benefits of play.

3.  Love Your Body More.
In one study, women who liked their bodies (even if they were overweight) felt sick about thirty percent less often than women who wished they were thinner. "Feeling bad about yourself activated stress centers in the brain that can actually lead to disease," explains study author Peter Muenning, M.D.

4.  Float in a Pool
Recent Swedish research found that floatation therapy in a silent, water-filled tank can reduce pain and speed healing. Lying back in a quiet pool for twenty minutes could boost health too, says the study's coauthor, Sven-Ake Bood, Ph. D.: "Floating produces a deep state of relaxation in the body."

5.  Hug Someone
Cuddling, hugging or even just holding hands can trigger the release of oxytocin, "a hormone that has been shown to reduce stress, improve immune function and increase cardiovascular health," says James Fallon, Ph. D., professor of human behavior at the University of California, Irvine.

Source: August 2008 Glamour Magazine

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Experiences

Today I would like to share two specific examples of the Law of Attraction and positive thinking from my personal life that has happened to me just in the past two weeks.

The first example was based on the Law of Attraction. A couple weeks ago I was using the law of attraction, and as we all know the first step to the Law of Attraction is to know what you want and ask for it. So I asked God/The Universe for unexpected income. Money has been kind of tight lately, so I was asking for unexpected income. Well it didn't even take a week to manifest. Roberto my boyfriend comes home from work and tells me that work is really picking up and his crew is going to have to start working on Saturday for quite a while until the job is completed. Which at first glance may seem like it would suck having to work on Saturdays and only have one day off a week, but looking at it from a different angle makes the difference. From a different view that is 10 hours of overtime... which means time and a half pay. So my request was answered. There is the unexpected income that I was asking for. I didn't know where it would come from or how it was going to happen, it didn't matter. I just believed that somehow it would happen and I let God/The Universe take care of the rest. And sure enough it did. And I am thankful.

Next example. My next example actually happened to me today, and is actually what inspired this entry. This is an example of positive thinking. Like attracts like. Alright, well with that in mind something happened to me today that I did not ask for but was attracted to me because of a positive attitude. Anyway, today I was going for a walk with my son in his stroller. I take the same route regularly when I walk, and it usually takes me forty five minutes to complete.Well I live off of a somewhat busy road, and there are several other small roads off of this main road, a little subdivision like area. So for my walk I take the main road down several roads and then walk up and down each small side road until I get back to my own road. Today I was walking down that main road and as I got further down I was coming up to a house that had their sprinkler system turned on. They had a bunch of sprinklers going in their yard, and I could see that the sidewalk ahead was completely wet and I could see the sprinkler spraying onto the sidewalk. Well I decided that would not be a good idea being that I was walking with my son in his stroller. So I continued on my path and decided I would turn around when I got to that area. I figured, "I'll just walk one less road today, oh well." Well the darndest thing happened. It was almost weird, but very cool. As I got up to that area on the sidewalk, the sprinkler turned off. And the weird thing about it was that it was only that particular sprinkler that would have showered us that turned off. None of the rest of the sprinklers in the yard turned off, just the one that would affect us. How cool is that. So my son and I continued on our path. And I looked around, and I looked up at the sky, and then at the sprinklers in amazement, and I was thankful. And in my head I say "Thank You." And that is a perfect example of how positive thinking can happen in your life.

Just being in a positive state as much as possible will make a difference in your life, and you will see positive things happening. These were just some examples of my own life that I am sharing in hopes to inspire optimism in the world. Having a positive mindset will make a difference in your everyday life and is worth practicing. "What neat things will you experience in your life?"

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Trust - it's one of the hardest things to do anymore. Why? Because so many things or so many people have let us down. It's hard to forgive and forget. But what would this world be like if we could trust again. We wouldn't have any judgements or biased actions based on past circumstances. It's time to move on.

Trusting goes hand and hand with positive thinking. We have to believe that something will happen; we have to believe in that particular person. Each person, each situation is different and it is unfair to compare it to something of the past. We need to trust without doubt, believing that things will turn out how we would like. If we trust in what the future holds for us then we will live our lives to the fullest. We can live our lives to the fullest by taking chances and not holding back because we are not afraid. Fear is what holds us back. This can be from a career path, a relationship, moving somewhere unfamiliar, anything that would be out of our comfort zones. We need to go forward without that fear of the unknown, or possible failure. There is no good that comes from worrying. Trust that things will turn out the way they should, and that everything happens for a reason. Even when things go badly, they always turn out. "This too shall pass." Trust is the answer. We all need to put a little more trust and faith into our situations and just see where it will take us.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't Scare Yourself

Don't Scare Yourself Out of your Good Feelings

This is a big one!
It is so easy for our human mind to get thinking, our thoughts can begin to rush through our head in seconds. So many times we scare ourselves with negative feelings. We get thinking and we start imagining things, start thinking up scenarios that are harmful to our attitude. So many times we are adding to our own stress. When we are feeling bad about something it is so easy to make it worse when we start thinking negative thoughts. There is no sense getting ourselves worked up over these bad ideas.  If we can catch ourselves in the act then it is easier to try to correct our thoughts. I believe this can be a never ending battle in our lives. It is just so easy to start thinking and imagining the worst, or letting our imaginations get the best of us. When we catch ourselves doing this, we need to stop right away and shift our thinking to positive. We need to "change the subject" in our minds. If we are thinking bad thoughts about something then we need to think of something that makes us feel good. Any positive thoughts will work; kind of like Peter Pan, think happy thoughts. This could be something we are thankful for, or a happy memory, a pet or a loved one. It doesn't matter what the thought is as long as it serves its purpose, which is to distract you from your previous negative thoughts.Sometimes this task can be very difficult, especially when we are dealing with some serious emotions such as anger or sadness. But it all comes down to a personal choice. What do we choose to think about? This is one way to deal with some of the feelings. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with life we can think of things that we are grateful for. If we keep this attitude and filter our thoughts then we will live a much better lifestyle and will see the positive changes in our everyday life.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Take Responsibility for Your Own Feelings

Today I will do something fun,
something I enjoy, something just for me.
I will take responsibility for making myself feel good.

Easier said than done right? Yes, but it is accurate. It is so easy to let others impact not only our lives, but our feelings and emotions. We are subconsciously allowing other people to control how we feel. We are all guilty of this, and the sooner we can realize when it is happening, the sooner we can work on changing it. The idea behind this is really loving ourselves first. Everyone always says that right, but how many of us actually put ourselves first?

I was a classic example of this a few years ago. I thought I really loved and respected myself at the time. But I didn't love myself like I should have. I allowed for things to happen, things that I never saw myself putting up with. I didn't respect myself the way I should have, the way I do now. I have learned and changed so much, and it has put me in the place where I am now. But what I had to realize was how important it was for me to be confident in myself, to respect myself more, and actually love myself for the person that I am. Now that I do fully care for myself, my life has turned itself around and has put me in a much more rewarding and loving environment. It was my respect for myself, positive attitude and thoughts that have changed my life.

Anyway, the whole point was how other people can influence our thoughts and feelings and how we should strive to manage our own feelings for our benefit. Sometimes this task can be very difficult, especially when we really love someone. A lot of times our feelings depend on how others feel or are treating us. Yes, attitudes can be influential, but we need to be able to control our own feelings and choose not to allow their negative attitude effect our own. We need to learn to be happy in our lonesome, without anyone. We need to enjoy our own company first, to be able to have fun, enjoy life without the persuasion of others. This may be a difficult task for some people, but it is something we should practice on our own. Once again, it all leads back to the power of the mind and the choices we make when it comes to our emotions and attitude.

Ask yourself honestly, "How do I measure Up?" Taking responsibility for our own feelings is definitely something we all can work on. It's not something that will change over night, it will take practice. Once we can accomplish this then we will notice the changes and will be living an ideal way of life. Make the lifestyle change.