Saturday, July 08, 2017

"All-One Dream"

A poem written by a friend of mine...

"All-One Dream"

Where are the walls of the worlds
The surface of one dream to the next
Touch the veil and the waves expand
Step through reflections unfurled

Can the chill reach the third sight
Night visions blur upon the inverse
Creation costs only the truest love
Blinding black embraces white light

When will it see the dreams done
Senses soak the soul in experience
Departure awakens the next realm
Levels dawn toward the All-One

- Aaron -


 E A R T H  .  F I R E  .  A I R  .  W A T E R

A set of beautiful river stones commissioned for Carla Sutton
each representing one of the four elements. 
 Designed and carved by Aaron. Selected and hand painted by Claudia.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for this Carla. You should see my smile right now! So glad that you like them. We love you.
    <3 Claudia

  2. You're so welcome. But really, thank you guys. They are so beautiful and I love them! :)