Monday, August 22, 2016



It is people taking conscious responsibility
For their own lives,
not blaming others for their problems.
It is people who deliberately decide to
learn and grow.
It is people who don’t have to be right,
except for themselves.
It is people seeing problems as lessons, perhaps in a
long series of lives and lessons.
It is people who believe we are what we think we
are, and can change ourselves
by changing our thinking.
It is people who think they can change the world by
changing themselves, not by trying to
change others.
It is people who search for strength from the
Universe by going inside themselves.
It is people who realize that love doesn’t have to
have conditions attached.
It is people loving and knowing themselves, in order
to better love and know others.
It is people who see others as not better than
nor less than, but rather different than
themselves, yet part of the same whole.
It is people who choose their own path rather
than follow dogma.
It is people honoring your right to your
own path, not theirs.
It is people that realize that we all have is now,
since yesterday is just a thought.
We are each the Light shining for others to see.


  1. Wow! It's so great that that church is close by. Are you going to go to that?

  2. I just recently heard of it. I have not gone as of yet, but it definitely catches my interest. I even told Roberto about it. I'd be interested in going sometime. :)