Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mind, Thought, and Energy


 What you call the mind is really an energy. It is thought. 
And thought is an energy, not an object. Your brain is an object.
 It is a physical, biochemical mechanism, the largest, most sophisticated, 
but not the only mechanism in the human body, with which the body translates, or converts, the energy which is your thought into physical impulses. Your brain is a transformer. So is your whole body. 
You have little transformers in every cell. Biochemists have often remarked
 at how individual cells, blood cells for instance seem to have their own intelligence. They do, in fact. And there are more cells in your brain than anywhere else, so it seems as though your mind is there. Yet that is just the main processing center, not the only one. It is everywhere. The soul is everywhere in, through, and around you. It is that which contains you. You are more than your body, there is something larger than you are. 
The soul is larger than the body. It is not carried within the body, 
but carries the body within it. The aura. It is as close as we can come to understanding, to giving a picture of an enormous and complex reality. 
The soul is that which holds you together, just as the Soul of God is 
that which contains the universe, and holds it together.

 “Conversations with God. An Uncommon Dialogue.” 
Neale Donald Walsch


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