Wednesday, July 01, 2015

 Each of you has your own construction of “God". 
Each of you has understood Me, created Me, in your own way. 
To some of you I am a man. To some of you I am a woman. 
To some, I am both. To some, I am neither. To some of you I am pure energy. To some, the ultimate feeling, which you call love. And some of you have no idea what I am. You simply know that I Am. And so it is. I Am. 
I am the wind which rustles your hair. I am the sun which warms your body.
 I am the rain which dances on your face. I am the smell of the flowers in the air, and I am the flowers which send their fragrance upward. 
I am the air which carries the fragrance. I am the beginning of your 
first thought. I am the end of your last. I am the idea which sparked 
your most brilliant moment. I am the glory of its fulfillment. 
I am the feeling which fueled the most loving thing you ever did.
 I am the part of you which yearns for that feeling again and again.

"Conversations with God, An Uncommon Dialogue"
  by Neale Donald Walsch

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