Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Valuable Lesson

I learned a valuable lesson recently and felt I should share:

Not too long ago I was trying to use the Law of Attraction to bring some money my way. Before I went grocery shopping I began to think to myself, "I would really like to find some money on the ground today. I will keep my eyes open and look for it." And I specifically asked the Universe/God, "Please help me to find some extra money on the ground today. Maybe someone who doesn't need it could drop it, someone who is well off."

Well, I went to three different stores, did all of my grocery shopping and did not find a thing. After getting in my car before heading home I began to count how much money I had left. And I counted it again. "Huh, is that right?" I was missing twenty dollars. I checked all my pockets several times. I was missing twenty dollars. And I got to thinking. And I smiled at the irony of it. I thought about what I had wished for before I left my house that morning. And I thought to myself "That's what you get." I had specifically thought in my head that maybe someone who was "well off" could drop some money, someone who didn't "need" it. Well, shame on me for thinking that! We should never be happy or content, if it costs someone else their happiness. On top of that, I was the person who was "well off." I was the person who did not need that twenty dollars. After all, I just loaded my car with groceries from three different stores, and I still had cash in my pocket that I was counting. So really I had plenty of abundance, yet wanting more. And I felt guilty for even thinking that way. How could I have wished that upon someone, even if they were better off per-say than me? Well the Universe/God had the perfect way of showing and teaching me a very valuable lesson. I'm sure that twenty dollars made someone's day. And I truly hope whoever found that money needed it more than me.

There is nothing wrong with asking for money or unexpected income, but it should never be at the cost of someone else. We are all human, and are tempted to many wants and desires. But the real questions we should ponder when we have a desire is, "How would I feel if it happened to me?", "What would happen is everyone did that?", and lastly, "What would love do?" These are some questions that can put our wants and desires into perspective. Think twice about what you are asking for. The Universe/God has it's perfect way of working events and circumstances out in life.

It's funny how I have just even come across this similar topic in a book I've been reading. It speaks of our world and the way it is currently ran by greedy corporations paying obscenely low wages to oversea workers for unimaginable profits. It speaks of "How can you be happy at the cost of someone else?" And of course, in this situation its easy to say that is wrong, and I totally agree. Shame on those billionaires for exploiting their workers. It's easy to see that. But yet, in an everyday smaller situation, look at the thoughts I myself had. And of course when I was thinking about it, I was referring to someone who made a lot of money, who in my mind would not miss that money. But nonetheless, we are all people, and I should never have specifically wished it to come from someone. But we all live and we learn, and no one is perfect. We all have room to grow and evolve.

I look at this situation as a very valuable lesson. There were two ideas here that I had to come to a conclusion about. First, it is not morally right to be happy at the cost of any other individual. Second, I realized just how blessed I am. I mean we know we are blessed, but we can easily take it for granted, and many people do. Whenever we have more than enough, we are living in prosperity and abundance. It is our society that trains us, driven by money, that we always need more and more to be satisfied. We look around and see what others have and then we look at what we have and we are unsatisfied and desire more. I'm sure every individual could benefit by learning to appreciate more of each and every thing we have instead of taking it for granted. We are given so much. Focus on what you have, and appreciate, then you will feel the abundance.

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