Monday, November 24, 2014

Runes Magical Alphabet

I recently bought a set of Runes. There are many kinds to choose from. 
Your personality will choose which is best for you.
 After shopping and looking around, I chose natural colored Bloodstone.
My personality choice says Vitality, Optimism, and Enthusiasm.  
Sounds accurate to me...

What are Runes?
Small stones, clay, pieces of bone, or pieces of wood that had primitive carvings of alphabet letters used as divinatory symbols. Each symbol/letter represents a different meaning. The Runes are used for obtaining messages and spiritual insight, similar to the Chinese I-Ching or the Tarot. Also known as, "the casting of the runes." The Runes dated as far back into the 15th century A.D. to the time of the Vikings, as well as the Germans and Saxons. Runes were engraved on everything from weapons, calendars, ornaments, walls, doorposts, and beams to the roof. The word Rune itself, means "whisper."

Divining with the Runes:

First Method: Toss the runes onto a cloth, and with your eyes closed choose the number of runes based on the question/reading. For example, choose only one rune for a definitive answer to the question. Choose three runes if you are asking about past, present, future. And so forth, depending on the reading; there are several kinds of layouts based on different topics of questions a person could be curious about.

Second Method: This method is specific to the person requesting the reading based on their name and exact time of birth. Similar to astrology and numerology. It is used to synthesize the nature, the opportunities, and the destiny of the person based on the time of year they were born. Every person is born accompanied by four runes. Two runes correspond with the initials of the name and surname, valid for defining character and qualities. And then, two more runes are given related to the date and time of birth, which show the individual's destiny and potential changes in its course.

For Example, here are my four given birth stones:

These are my boyfriend's stones:

 Each of these letters/symbols have a different meaning.

What do your birth stones mean?

Here are the meanings that came with this set:


Here is another great chart that I like to use:


  1. These are soooo cool Carla! I can't wait to see these in person.
    <3 Claudia

  2. Thank you again for sharing these beautiful runes with us. We had such a fantastic time with you.
    <3 Claudia

  3. I had such a wonderful time with you guys too! I was so thrilled for your tarot reading and even Carin's was right on. It's always fascinating to me. :)

    1. Me too! That was a fun night. <3 I still have the picture of the cards.