Friday, December 30, 2011

Choose Thy Love. Love Thy Choice.

"Choose thy love. Love thy choice."

-German Proverb

This is a simple quote that basically shows that we make choices all the time, and it is up to us to choose what we love. And when we do make our choice then we should love what it is that we chose. Make the right choices and you should be content with them. Do the things that you enjoy, and be happy about them. Love the choices that you make.

There are many times in life where we are pressured into making choices. So many times we do things because we are worried about societies' standards and fitting in as social creatures. But we need to start making choices for ourselves. What makes me happy? Sometime we do things because we feel like it was the right choice for our society. But how does it make us feel? If it doesn't make us feel good, then we shouldn't be doing it. A lot of times we can feel like we are hiding the real person that we are because so many people will not accept us. We are all unique individuals with different ideas and preferences, and that is how it is supposed to be. We are not made to be the same. That is what is so interesting and exciting about life, all the different choices and personalities. If we could learn to appreciate things that are different, then we are opening and expanding our minds to many possibilities. If you want to be accepted by others, then start accepting other people for who they are. Don't judge, and if you catch yourself, replace your thoughts with love or something positive instead. What goes around comes around. Judgement is one of the worse habits to get into.Try to appreciate what each person has to offer. We all have different personalities and talents that we share with the world. It is our personal choices that make us so diverse. Enjoy the endless possibilities that this world has to offer.

"Choose thy love. Love thy choice." We all make choices everyday. What are you choosing to do? Do you love your choices? Is your life filled with happiness and love? Strive to make the best choices you can. Our life is the result of our personal choices. If we choose what we love then we should love our life and its experiences. We can always make changes. We can always continue the path we are on. What are the choices you are making? Choose what you love.


  1. I do find this to be the case with me. Typically, when I give or love, it's appreciated and returned. You definitely reap what you sow.