Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Events are Never Predestined

"We can change the future. At no time are events predestined."

-Seth from "The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts

In 1963 psychic Jane Roberts began channeling a spirit named Seth. Jane claimed to communicate to Seth regularly for many years until she died in 1984. In that time she wrote several books containing the information that he had given her, conversations they held and some of his ideas about life and death. Jane Roberts was actually one of the first to speak of what we call now as the New Age Movement, which is based on positive thinking simply based on the idea that our thoughts can attract things in our lives. Her books made a huge impact to society and really opened the eyes and mind to many.

Seth believes that we make our reality. He spoke of our thoughts and ideas and how it attracts and makes our conscious reality. He said that "We can change the future. At no time are events predestined." This is a wonderful belief to hold. We should know that deep down we make choices everyday. And it is our choices that direct our future. Our personal life experience is based on what we make of it. Nothing is predestined. What would be the point of that anyway? No spontaneity? Life would be pointless if that were the case. But it isn't. Life is what we make it. Life is our choice. What kind of choices are you making?

You can change the future. You can change the events and the circumstances in your life. You can turn your life around at any point. You my friend are in control of your destiny. You will make the choices. Take joy in this idea and make the most of it. Have fun making decisions. Choose where you want to go, what to see, and what to experience. Life is yours. It's up to you what you do with it. So make the most of it and enjoy everything possible. This life is an amazing experience.

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