Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Matter of Choice

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice."

-William Jennings Bryan

Life is what you make it. We make choices everyday that affect our lives. Everyday we choose our reality. Life is always changing and adapting to our thoughts and feelings. There is never a moment in time when we are not attracting our circumstances. Our feelings are the gateway to our reality.

The Law of Attraction brings to us whatever we are thinking and feeling about. Good or bad. Everyday, every thought, every feeling has an equal response in our lives.  Our thoughts have been scientifically proven to give off a magnetic frequency. And from there each thought then magnifies another equal reaction. We make our own choices and we make our own destiny. We may have hardships we must over come, and sometimes we can get discouraged thinking "I didn't attract this into my life." Well you may not have imagined the exact event but you very well attracted it. Have you been complaining lately? Have you been impatient in traffic or with your significant other? How about your boss? Have you called him a jerk behind his back? Or what about other people? Do you criticise and cut them down because of the way they look or dress? Are you always rushing and worrying trying to get everything done in a day? Do you scowl when you have to pay your bills? Do you get frustrated at your pet? These are all ways of expressing negative emotion. When we have negative feelings then we are attracting other negative events like these into our lives which may continue the negative pattern of thinking.

Sometimes its hard to really pay attention to what we are thinking or to control our thoughts. But we can all make a conscious effort to choose to be positive. The nice thing about the Law of Attraction is that it doesn't happen right away. It only responds to our dominant thoughts. So if we are positive most of the time then that is was what we are producing and attracting. But, if on our way to to work we get stuck in traffic and start getting negative and stay in that mood for thirty minutes up to an hour, then we have become engrossed in that emotion. Then we will continue the pattern until we choose to change our thinking. We could continue our day in a grouchy mood because we were late. It might be difficult to get a parking spot. Someone at work could really start pushing your buttons. Someone is taking you for granted. You've been given an extra project or assignment to do. Your boss is really riding your ass. You spill your coffee. Now your blouse is stained, let alone the mess you get to clean up on your desk. The phone calls won't stop. You're rushing again. The day could go on and on in a frantic way. Or you can choose to change your thinking, and you would be surprised just how it could change your life.

Life is all about how we choose to deal with it. Every last one of us has had all sorts of problems and difficulties in our lives. Some of us get tied down to the circumstances. It's all we can think about, and all we focus on. Well guess what? If that is all you can think about then the circumstances will never change. You are attracting more of it into your life. You must change your thinking. Get your eyes off what is bothering you. Choose to focus on something new. Something you enjoy, something you are looking forward to, or even something to be grateful about. Those are the people who get ahead in life. There are the people who strive, and it is by their attitudes. They focus on the things they love, and as a result even more wonderful things are brought about to them in their experience.

What kind of person are you? What kind of person  are you choosing to be? Make your mind up, and be the kind of person you are inspired by. We all choose our experiences. What are you choosing? It's all a matter of choice.


  1. Thank you so much for this post Carla. I feel like you wrote this for me, because I really needed it.


  2. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it so much. I'm glad it could help encourage you.

  3. It really did! Thank you again. <3