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In my entries I am always speaking of the power of the mind and the effects that it has on our lives. There are so many different options we have to play with. There are many topics and ideas we can focus on. Usually, we focus on something that interests us. One topic that has always fascinated me and got my attention is metaphysical subjects. This has to do with anything regarding the afterlife, spirits, angels, ghosts, psychics, palm reading, astrology, numerology, and so forth. There are so many unexplainable subjects that we could get into. One of which, is called Channeling. Wikipedia defines this as "the esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits." Put simply, Channeling is a well known practice of people who can communicate with spirits.

There are different sorts of Channeling that many may not be aware of. The first and most popular way is communicating with spirits through some sort of medium such as the Ouija board. Others can use crystals or crystal balls to gaze into and see images of communication. There have been famous people of the past who have used codes to communicate when asking questions. They have used candle flames or knocking, such as one flicker or knock would mean yes, while two would mean no. And then there are people who can speak and hear everything only through their mind. A person could ask questions and receive answers all in their mind without speaking a single word. And lastly, the most extreme case is where a person actually uses their own body as the medium for communication. The willing and practicing individual goes into a meditative state, a trance in which they actually allow the spirit speak through them, in their body.

One of the most famous examples of channeling was from 1913 by a woman name Pearl Curran. She began by using the Ouija board and came in contact with a spirit who claimed to be Patience Worth who said she was the ghost of a farm woman from Dorsetshire, England. She moved to American in the late 1600's and was killed in an Indian attack. Pearl Curran became very interested in this particular spirit and continued communicating with her on a regular basis. It got to the point where she no longer had to use the Ouija board, she said that she was receiving the messages through her mind. She soon started going to a trance state of mind and recited the communications to others who would record and document the information. The most intriguing part about this was that Pearl Curran only had an eight-grade education and became an abundant author written allegedly from Patience Worth her spiritual connection. She wrote for seven years and wrote 29 volumes including 2,500 poems, 6 full-length historical novels, plays, short stories and epics. Pearl Curran's books have been analyzed by scholars, who found the details historically accurate. The plots were well-constructed, and many were written in an authentic Old English vocabulary that Pearl Curran had no way of knowing or researching in her time. After the seven years Pearl Curran said that her spirit medium Patience Worth moved on and did not communicate with her any longer, and the writings came to an end.

There have been many others who have been known for channeling spirits or other psychic abilities. There are plenty of unexplainable situations that take place regularly. Some people choose to get involved while others avoid the topic completely. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of spirits and afterlife. Some people choose not to believe. Whatever your stance on the state of affairs, Channeling has been around for a long time, and continues to grow with popularity. Once again, I go back to the power of the mind. I believe there are so many things that we have yet to discover. They say we only use ten percent of our brain. Ten percent! Imagine what we would be capable of if we took the time and learned how to use the whole thing! We are very intelligent and powerful beings. We are able to achieve whatever it is we set our minds to. Some people choose to study metaphysical subjects and get involved with it. Whatever you focus your mind on, will be your choosing, your calling. What is it that you want to do with your mind? What will your experience be like? What will you accomplish in this lifetime? The choice is yours. Create your own destiny.

Source: "Communication with the Dead" by Stuart A. Kallen

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