Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big O

One of the best stress relievers out there is SEX! Not just sex in general, but the fun, exciting, mind blowing sex! The Big O! When you can achieve an orgasm, that total body climax, then you have reached an amazing level in your body to which stress is released and a great relaxation can come about. If you are looking to reduce stress from your life, then I recommend getting busy and having an orgasm!

Sex is such a remarkable and fun experience when done correctly. Now, don't get me wrong there are many correct ways of achieving an orgasm. The only wrong way to have sex would be of course anything that is forced upon an individual, or anything that is rushed or expected. It should be a fun, exciting event for both partners. Neither partner should go into the occasion expecting from or rushing the other individual. When both are relaxed and focused on what is taking place, then the real magic is made. Both partners should strive to assist the other with their experience. And yes, I said assist. Having an orgasm has a lot to do with focus and relaxation and once again the power of the mind. An orgasm is a total body release. After experiencing an orgasm our bodies are then in a state of ecstasy. I like to call it "Orgasm Land." And at that point, all you should do is just focus on the feeling and enjoy what has happened. Many people will take the time to hold each other, or cuddle, which is a great opportunity to focus on what has just taken place.

Now, an orgasm can be achieved with or without a partner, and personally I recommend being experienced with both. This way, there is no reason to expect your partner to fulfill your needs all the time. No one can be responsible for you. It is important for us to take responsibility for our own happiness, and that includes our sexual fulfillment if necessary. It is also nice to know how to satisfy yourself when you don't have a significant other, or they may not be around for some time. Some people are brought up that self-fulfillment is wrong and selfish. Ridiculous! Did you know that there are male and female animals that masturbate?!? Yes! Interesting huh? The point is, there is nothing wrong with exploring your own body and learning how it works. Most men, have no problem with this idea, but it is the women who are usually more shy or restricted by it. There is some embarrassment at first with the topic, but once you can get past it, then you will be able to reach your full sexual potential. And to be honest, I think it is even more important for women to experiment than men! Why? Because women need more stimulation and take considerably longer to climax than men. So women, we need to know what works for us! Personally, I believe that if you do not understand how your own body works, and how to reach a climax on your own then it is unfair to expect your partner to figure it out for you! We are all turned on by different things, so it is important for us to know and figure out what it is we like. Once we know what works for us, then we can experience that amazing orgasm over and over whenever we choose.

Take the time to get to know your body and you will be very pleased with the results! Sex itself is great for the body! It is great physical activity united with intimate connection. What great medicine for our bodies! Sex combined with an orgasm is one of the best stress reducers around. So next time you are feeling stressed, you know something fun and satisfying to get you back on track with things. Don't let life get you down. There are so many ways to change your feelings.


  1. Haha! Great post, and I appreciate your openness. Sounds like we all better get busy. ;)

  2. Thanks :)

    Glad you liked it... now you know what to do!!!

    Jump on it!