Friday, February 04, 2011

"There is nothing in your life that you cannot modify, change, or improve 
when you learn to regulate your thought."

-Christian D. Larson

Exactly! Some people just seem to get it. Our thoughts absolutely create our worlds whether we realize it or not. What are you thinking about?

We are attracting more wonderful things in our life when we think positive thoughts such as thinking about good memories, expressing love to someone, being grateful, or visualizing something we enjoy. All of these ways are great examples of positive thinking. We can also do things that we enjoy to bring on positive thoughts. When we are enjoying ourselves, having fun and relaxing, it brings more positive thoughts which brings more positive things into your life. On the other hand, if we are thinking negative thoughts then we are unfortunately attracting more of the bad into our lives. And when I say a negative thought, it could be anything that takes you away from being happy. Some examples could be getting upset in a traffic jam, watching violence, stressing over issues at work, spreading bad news, or even thinking about how much you hate something. There are plenty of other examples, but these are just a few to name. When ever we are upset or stressed we are actually attracting more bad into our lives. We must learn to become happy in our moment, no matter what is going on. Now of course this isn't something that is always going to happen instantly. We must experience our true feelings. But it is up to us how soon we choose to move on. It could take an hour, a day, a week, months, a year. How long do you want to hold onto that issue? The sooner we move on from our issue the better we will be feeling and the sooner we will be bringing wonderful things back into our lives. We choose how we want to feel, and we choose our thoughts. If you start to think about something bad, just catch it and move onto a different subject. Don't dwell on a negative thought. Always find something good to think about and you will see a world of a difference in your life. Before you know it you will recognize all the wonderful things you have attracted your way. You will have fun with it, and soon it will become your regular lifestyle.

We can change our lives and our world if we choose to be positive. So much good could be done if we all decided to be optimistic in our thoughts. When we modify our thinking our lives will change. There is nothing in your life that you cannot change when you learn to regulate your thoughts.

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  1. It feels good to be grateful! It really does change things.