Friday, January 21, 2011

Precognitive Dreams

Precognition is simply put as seeing the future. So, Precognitive Dreams are dreams that foretell the future, or can predict upcoming events. It is said that 60 percent of all precognition is from dreams. When people are asleep they are relaxed and more in tune with their mind and thoughts. They are more receptive to other forces because they are not busy with other things. The human mind is so powerful and capable of many things.

Many people have have precognitive dreams. In fact, their has been recordings of these dreams since ancient times. The Egyptians were especially known for their dreams. All sorts of people have experienced precognition through dreaming. Some of the most famous dreams have been about tragic events such as assassinations, natural disasters, and different forms of transportation resulting in the death of many. Many of these precognitive dreams are forewarning about the future. Some of the most famous examples include the assassination of presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and even the assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife which caused political strain and started World War I. People had dreams of these assassinations! Most people don't even know that Abraham Lincoln himself dreamed of his own assassination two weeks before it actually happened. Amazing! The wife of Julius Caesar had a dream where Roman senators stabbed a statue of Caesar with knives and blood ran from the statue. Calpernia, his wife told him about the dream and was certain he would die that day! Caesar told his senator, Decius about the dream. Little did he know that Decious was conspiring against him, and that day Caesar was stabbed to death by his enemies.

Other famous dreams involve means of transportation. Many dreams of plane crashes, boats sinking, and even train wrecks. Some of the more famous events that were predicted by dreamers would include the sinking of The Titanic as well as the 9/11 plane crashes. Many people have dreamed these events. Another famous case of precognition due to a dream was by two different individuals regarding the American Airlines crash in 1979. There were 270 people on the plane, all of them were killed. A New York woman, who had actually predicted other disaster before was so concerned about the event taking place actually broad casted her message on the radio trying to warn people in advance. Aother man in Ohio began having his dreams a week before the tragedy. He repeatedly had the same dream for ten nights in a row about this disaster. He called the local office of Federal Aviation Administration and relayed his dream. After the tenth dream he was so shook up about the event that he had trouble focusing at work, and because of it he finally had to leave early at 4pm. At the exact time of 4pm the plane departed and the disaster happened just as he saw in his dream.

There have been many other events that have been predicted as well. One example of a famous natural disaster was in Aberfan, Wales. On October 21, 1966 a landslide of coal mine waste buried a school and killed 28 adults and 116 children. Two weeks before the event took place there were up to 200 people who have had some sort of precognition about the disaster. One of the most disturbing dreams came from one of the students at the school, a young girl. She told her mother when she woke that she dreamed that everyone went to school, but there was no school because something black had come down all over it. She also told her mother she was not afraid to die, because she would be with two other children she knew. And that same day she was killed with the two other children she named. WOW! Isnt' that creepy!?!

The whole point of sharing the stories of Precognition is to inspire others from the power of the mind. We can do so much, so much that we aren't even fully aware of. We have a powerful tool that we should never take for granted. There are so many things we can do if we only put our minds to it. Will power, intellect, and intention are all means that we have access to, we just have to learn how to use them! We can do, have, or be anything. What do you choose to do with your mind? Use it to your advantage!

Sorcing from: "Dreams and Astral Travel" written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley


  1. That is so neat. It reminded me of this clip here:

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    Stan Lee (the dude that created a lot of Marvel superheroes) had a special about real people with super human abilities. One of which was Chris, the precognitive dreamer.


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