Friday, September 03, 2010

Life's Coming Attractions

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

-Albert Einstein

Imagination. This is something we forget how to do. Why? As we get older we stop imagining. We are told to grow up and be reasonable, practical, and mature. What is so wrong with allowing someone to dream?

We need to imagine more often. Imagination is actually recommended for anyone who is positively thinking and setting a goal in there mind. When we dream of the things that we want in life then we are seeing it happen. We need to prepare ourselves for our hopes. If we cans see it happening and imagine what it looks and feels like then we are that much closer to achieving it. When we think about the things that we want then it attracts those positive things to us. Imagining is positively thinking. Start practicing it if you don't already do it. Imagine what that dream house would be like. Down to all the small details. Imagine yourself coming up the drive way. What does the yard look like? How about your dream house? As we go in through the door what do we see? Really get into it. Know what you want, and dream it up. Feel it. Imagine going on that awesome vacation. Your toes in the sand. How about the ocean breeze, or the warm clear water? The palm trees. The warm sun. Whatever your dreams are. Imagine them. Imagine what it feels like. And most of all believe that it will come true. Know that you deserve it and that it is possible.

Miracles happen every day. People win the lottery every day. Everything is possible. Believe what you choose. I choose to believe that positive thoughts will attract positive things. Positive thinking really works, so start imagining what those dreams feel like. Don't stop believing and trusting.Your dreams are on their way. Feel them coming.

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  1. Ah Imagining...My favorite past-time as a child. Like you said, what happened to that innocence? It's like it's too hard now.