Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Create As You Go Along

“You create your own universe as you go along.”

-Winston Churchill

Winston had the right idea. We do create our own universes as we live our lives, each and every one of us. Our attitudes determine our thoughts, and our thoughts are what attract like things. If our thoughts attract new circumstances, people, and events to take place in our lives, then what are we thinking about? We should be thinking about things that inspire us to reaching our dreams. Most of us unfortunately are thinking about things that stress us out. Like work, our personal problems, money issues, anything that we are concerned about, and it holds us back and it holds us down. We need to stop focusing on these nerve-racking topics. When we think about these bad, stressful thoughts it only puts strain out our bodies. So we need to be conscience of this when it happens and push those thoughts out of our heads. Remove all negative thoughts from your mind. You want to feel only good feelings, and have only positive thoughts for as much as you can help it. Choose what you’d like to create for your universe. Live your dreams; they can become your reality. Let’s live the way we were meant to be. How will your universe be? Remember you create it as you go along.

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  1. Yeah, I agree. Whenever I was sick the most, it was because I was stressed out. :(

    Your body tells ya that you push yourself too hard.