Thursday, August 05, 2010


Smiles are a wonderful way of expressing our happiness. And smiles don't lie. We all know when we are smiling for real or when it's a fake smile. Smiles are a way of showing the world that we are joyful and in a good mood.

We have probably all heard by now that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. So why aren't people smiling all the time? Why are we choosing not to smile? It is so easy to smile, but most of us are not even thinking about it. It doesn't even cross our minds that we are not smiling. We need to make it something we do regularly. Add smiling into your daily routine of things and you will find that your mood will transform. Its hard to believe how easy it will change your mood. Even if no one is looking, even if you have to force it, try smiling for as long as you possibly can. See how you feel. When we are smiling we can't help but to be happy. The two things go together, smiles go hand in hand with a good mood. You will find that there is no reason we shouldn't be smiling! Try it! Try smiling for as long as you can, just for no reason. And then try to incorporate it into your lifestyle until it just comes natural to you.

Smiles are a way of communicating. When we smile we send out the message to the world that we are happy. So why not spread the happiness around? Could you imagine if everyone naturally smiled all the time, how happy we would all be? When we smile at someone we pass on the positive energy. When we smile at someone, how often is it that they usually smile back? Almost every time! People are naturally good, and when we come in contact with each others we want to make a good impression - most people that is. So of course we are going to smile back. It is a nonverbal message exchange between to people. Almost even as a greeting many time. A smile to someone is an all around positive statement so why don't we apply it to our way of life? We have an opportunity to pass on joy to others. So what is stopping us? Let's smile and pass it on!

So whether its smiling at others or just smiling more in our lives, its a good idea to smile whenever we are in a good mood. And we should be in a good mood most of the time. So smile more and see how much of a difference it makes in your life. Everyone will welcome your smile. Smiling is contagious, so share your beautiful smile with the world. Spread the love around.


  1. Yes he is! Actually, the fist time he really smiled at me... it made me cry! so cute! he is smiling a lot now. :)