Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Victories

"Rejoice in your daily victories."

Forest Hills, NY

What does that mean? Rejoice in your daily victories? That means to praise yourself when you accomplish something. Whether it be big or small, we need to give ourselves credit for all of our victories.

Everyday we should set our self a goal. It could be to vacuum the living room or get an extra task completed at work. At least one goal a day should be sufficient. And whenever we complete this goal we need to praise ourselves, rejoice and be happy and thankful that we were able to do what we needed to accomplish. If we can accomplish one goal a day, then soon we will be adding more tasks and opportunities for ourselves. Soon we will have several goals a day and achieving them. But most of all we need to make sure to give ourselves credit. We should be proud of ourselves even for the small tasks that we achieve. No goal is too small, and we should not be too hard on ourselves when we don't always get something done right away. But when we do, then we need to rejoice in our daily victories.

Be proud of every little thing that you accomplish. When we are proud of ourselves and our actions then we will continue to do more to stay on that track. Set your goals and rejoice when you have met them. Make yourself proud.

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