Saturday, July 31, 2010


Nature, it is one of life's most beautiful gifts. Nature is such a wonderful blessing that too many of us take for granted on a regular basis. We really need to slow down with life and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. There are so many neat things that we can enjoy and experience.

Being outside is great for our bodies and minds. When we take pleasure in being outside noticing the plants and the animals then we can truly understand the value of life. Life is such a special gift, and when we come to terms and realize this then we can have a much more fulfilling existence. Nature is so amazing and such a wonderful remedy for chasing our blues away. Just looking at nature and seeing the patterns and the science behind everything is just so astounding. The complexity of many organisms and the ecosystem are enough to take our breath away. And when we can appreciate this, then we are more likely to notice the changes and not take for granted what our world has to offer. Our Earth is a marvelous place with so much to offer. The beauty of nature should be enough to inspire us. Being in nature really is a wonderful stress reliever. The fresh air, the colorful plants, the water and all the different animal species are naturally calming to our bodies. If we can take the time to enjoy nature more often then we will have less stress in our lives. Every now and then we need to get away from our everyday lives and see what is really out there. Get away from work, the city, or even what you are familiar with and find a place where you can get away. Escape for a while into natures serenity and just enjoy being.

Enjoy what life has to offer us, especially through nature. Nature has healing properties and we can all incorporate a little more into our lives. You will feel the difference when you are outside. You will feel it in your body. We are meant to experience the world, and we are meant to be outside enjoying life and all of its resources. Spend more time outside and you will see changes in your attitude, and it will help encourage positive thoughts.

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  1. I need more of this. :( I haven't been outside much recently.