Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just the other night I laughed so hard that I cried. When was the last time you did that? You were having such a good time that you laughed so hard that it brought tears to your eyes. Well I tell you what, it feels good. It feels good to laugh and just let go, and enjoy life. If we can't relax and have fun then we are not in alignment for positive thinking which constitutes our lifestyle.

Laughter is good for our bodies. Studies have shown this many of times. Laughing is one of the best stress relievers. When we laugh we are relaxing our bodies and letting go of negative energies. Our muscles relax and most importantly we are in a comfortable state of being. This is what is so healthy for us.

So what we need to do is work on incorporating more humor into our lives. What can we do that will bring more laughter into our lives? There are plenty of ways. One of the easiest ways for me is to watch humorous shows or movies. There are plenty of comedy movies that will get you a good laugh. There are also reality shows or stand up comedy on TV which are just as good. Learn a joke, and pass it on. Passing on jokes is also a great way to pass on the humor and brighten someone else's day. Or share funny memories with a friend or family member. Anything that will get you going.

There are so many comical events that take place in our existence. We should celebrate them and take part in it as much as possible.The more we laugh, the better we feel. So go, get your laugh on!

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