Friday, July 30, 2010


Compliments: What a wonderful way to make someone's day!

Compliments are a fantastic way of expressing our positive thoughts to others. When we give someone a compliment we are giving them praise and letting them know that someone noticed. Someone noticed that they did a job well done, or styled their hair particularly nice, or even smells good. Let that person know! Don't be afraid to say something. How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment? We feel good about ourselves when someone pays us a compliment, so in turn if we let others know when they deserve it then we are making someone else feel good. You would be surprised. One little compliment can totally make someone's day. You never know what someone may be going through at the time. They could be having a particularly hard day, and a simple compliment could really make a difference. A compliment could completely turn around someones day, and wouldn't it feel good to know that you were the person that could help? If you like something about someone's outfit, their personality, anything. Tell them! Don't be shy to interact with people you don't know. Is it really that hard to say something nice to someone? I've never had anyone in my experience not appreciate a compliment. Usually it brings a smile to their face, and they say thank you., and each of you move on. So step out of your comfort zone and speak compliments to others. But in the same way, only legitimate compliments should be made. If you truly like something that someone has or has done, don't be afraid to let them know. Compliments are a way of sharing positive feelings, and keeping people on the right track. We should not only concern ourselves by making ourselves feel good, but we should take the time to inspire others as well whenever we can.

Compliments are one easy way of spreading joy and love around to others. So next time you have the opportunity to offer a compliment, don't hesitate and speak up. Make someone's day or minute.


  1. Recently I complimented an older woman at the mall. She had such beautiful long gray hair and I just had to tell her that she was pretty. She was very grateful, because surprisingly she told me that people always told her to dye it. So it made her day.

  2. That is so awesome. Good for you! And I bet it not only made her day, but it made you feel good too just knowing that it made her feel good. :)